Would most 2016 Republican candidates make a worse president than George W. Bush?

  • I Never thought there could be worse but I was wrong

    The 2016 Republican candidates, like candidates of the past, take things way too far. They are even worse than George W. Bush because they allow their ambition to override their sense of right and wrong. Some have resorted to fanning the flames of bigotry, which only does the work of the devil by dividing and conquering. A true President of this country should be someone we can look to for strength and cohesion. These candidates constantly create an "US" versus "Them" mentality, especially with slogans like "take back our country" and "make America great again". I don't know but last I checked America wasn't so great after the last Republican administration where ALL OF US lost money as our 401k's plummeted. Many lost their homes, jobs, had kids come home from wars in body bags or maimed. It was not the good old days people.

  • Sadly yes, and the bar wasn't set very high

    George W. Bush did not have a phenomenal presidency. His presidency was nowhere near as bad as others have made out, there were many worse presidents. A lot of the criticisms of Bush were emotionally biased and charged due to negative feelings of the war. And for some nut job, spent too much time in their mothers basement's conspiracy theorists the belief that he ordered the twin towers to be destroyed.

    The current candidates are nothing short of comical however. Bombing ISIS until the sand glows in the dark? Marco Rubio will never be able to answer whether the earth was created in 7 days or 7 eras? Their have been many comical stances on religion. And Donald Trump obviously doesn't have the nations best interest at hearts and is simply buying his way into the presidency for an ego boost. Ironically the only candidate that would be better than George would be his brother Jeb Bush. Jeb is the only one conducting himself in a sensible and professional manner. Sadly for him politics is no longer about credentials or merit, it's just a popularity contest.

  • George W. Bush did a better job than shown

    George W. Bush, while often mocked as being a terrible president, did a decent job at president in my opinion. He dealt with 9/11 in a proper manner and he helped gather together Americans and keep morale and patriotism high as a president should do. Becuase of this I definitely think he would be better than Christie or Trump who are very good at dividing the public and creating racial divide (Trump).

  • Most 2016 Republican candidates are even more extreme than George W. Bush.

    As the political situation in the United States continues to evolve, the country is seeing both parties adopt increasingly extremist stances on various issues. While Bush played a key role in involving the US in two major wars, candidates such as Donald Trump make statements that make Bush look almost moderate in comparison. The 2016 candidates' stark, uncompromising views on issues such as war, foreign policy, immigration and women's issues make them even more extremist than Bush, and that sort of uncompromising extremism is dangerous no matter which political party it comes from.

  • Honestly only trump would be worse. (that's not saying much)

    As an independent, I try to stand back, and not go against, nor support either side of the party wars. But even I would have to admit that the republicans went completely for quantity, with almost no mind for quality this time around.
    Most aren't as bad as Bush Jr. But they are still pretty bad.

  • No, I disagree that most of Republican candidates make a worse president than George W. Bush.

    I cannot agree with statement that most 2016 Republican candidates make a worse president than George W. Bush. All citizens have their right to choose the president for them, but it is not right to judge the Republican candidates just because they have different views than other candidates. One of them might make a very good president.

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