• There is little to be gained from viewing porn and potentially a lot to be lost

    As with anything, stating an absolute is never 100% true. So I said "most" and not Everyone. I am not anti-sex, not anti-masturbation. Pornography should not be banned. I am a firm advocate of the 1st Amendment. Few things should be outright banned and people should be allowed to make their own choices with their time and their money. I simply think that viewing porn is a waste of time and/or money (well, time = money) Don't get me wrong, naked women and sex are as appealing to me as any mid 20s testosterone driven male and I'm not a religious person. After ~ 10 years of easy access to porn in its many forms I've just come to decide that it creates no actual benefit in my life and in many ways was subtracting from my life and my character. I could tell that it influenced my opinion of women, sex, and myself all in negative ways. I viewed women much more as objects, as if it were their duty to please men sexually and be submissive and treat sex as if it means nothing. It wasted much more time than I'd even realize.

    Porn serves as an escape for many, filling a void, an instant high of sexual excitement releasing chemicals in the pleasure centers of our brains that become an addiction of varying degrees, for some to the point of pathology.

    For women in relationships and marriages with men who view porn it can be very detrimental or at least annoying, http://www.Antipornmen.Org/2012/07/22/porn-hurts-women-so-say-the-partners-of-users/#.UfSHAo1wqSo.

    For young people it can be especially damaging as their curiosity and lack of maturity might lead them to think having sex is just what everyone is doing, what they should be doing and the more casual the better. Monkeys see monkeys do. That's not to say the young people aren't going to experiment with sex, some moving very quickly around the basepath. The accessibility and ubiquity of porn since the proliferation of the internet and the smarting of phones accelerates the learning curve and shortens the window that parents and other educators have to help adolescents understand how much more complex sex is beyond just the physical act. Http://www.Guardian.Co.Uk/society/joepublic/2009/mar/30/teenagers-porn-sex-education

    Some will argue that porn is beneficial in some ways. For instance, they might argue it helps spice up some people's sex lives. Perhaps for some. Others, myself included, might say that they learned new techniques or moves. That might enhance a sexual relationship, Sure. Others might claim, it helps get them aroused when they otherwise couldn't. Well that's just a sad sittuation, a pitiable one in fact. YET, I feel like these pseudobenefits could be achieved without having to view porn. Some will say its free, so what's the harm. Few are immune to its psychological effects whether paying to view or not. Thus, porn serves no real purpose.

    It should be avoided as I believe it provides nothing but negative impacts on our lives and society.

  • A Horrible Habit

    Pornography destroys the way a person views a member of the opposite sex. It makes a person view another, not as a person, but as an object, either a body part, a trophy, or a tool to use to hurt others. After this, they receive a name, but never dignity of a person.
    If there was no pornography, the rate of exposure of minors to inappropriate images, thoughts and actions would be a lot less, as well as a basis for building on them good morals and value in the other person. Pornography destroys that.
    It also gives the illusion of the human body not being an organism, in that the internet doesn't give smells, taste, temperature, hot/cold, wet/dry, oily/rough. This leaves an illusion for the inexperienced, along with an unexpected realisation of performance.
    On top of this, for people like me, we must keep in mind that the scripture says "whoever keeps on looking at a woman so as to have a passion for her has committed adultery in his heart" if they are married. Even if one is not married this is the same as sexual immorality, as it is the same but only mentally, as having a sexual relationship with the "person"...Who is actually a person...Break the habit.

  • Of course it would.

    People who look at porn begin to think that it's okay to expose their body to the public, which it isn't. So many girls ruin their lives by becoming "porn stars" thinking it will be a way to earn easy money. I knew of a girl that became suicidal because she tried to show her breasts on the internet for her own benefit. A pervert got ahold of it and ruined her life. And why is it ok for women to show their naked body, but wrong for men to? People need to grow up, and stop encouraging women to show their body. Give them respect for their body, don't encourage them by looking at their naked body! Just think; when your old and have grandchildren, do you want them to see you naked on the internet when they search your name on google? Don't encourage porn. You'll improve your life by becoming mature, and improve girls lives by giving them respect.

  • Pornography is good for society from a social and economical perspective.

    The word “porn,” short for pornography, generally carries with it a negative undertone. With an indescribable amount of internet porn that is easily available to the public, many questions arise.

    Anti-porn activists attempt to destroy society by making up poor arguments and pseudo-statistics of why pornographics is unhealthy for society. I would refute those claims and statistics but since the word count only allows 500 words i cannot fit them in it.

    Instead here are just my own arguments in favor of why pornography should not be avoided.

    1. Porn = money for economy. And lots of it. According to estimates, the American porn industry rakes in more than $10 billion dollars a year. In fact, the porn business is known to completely overwhelm the box office in terms of viewership and revenue. What does this mean for society? Despite the fact that the majority of the revenue end up in the hands of the distributors, creators, and stars of the films, the money that circulates still contributes to the overall market. And that means that it actually helps increase GDP for America.

    2. Porn = jobs. If pornography were to be banned and prohibited, countless people in America would be unemployed. Men and women who star in adult films would suddenly be left with few options on their next choice of a job. What company would be willing to hire a woman who used to be in pornography? Let's face it, some people are best suited to marketing their bodies rather than anything else. And who could blame them? Stupid people who are unemployed can become more than a detriment to society and can pose a threat to society if they are left unemployed.

    3. Pornography minimizes stalking, rape, and underage sex. Forget the possibility of zombies eating people. Imagine crowds of horny people running around the landscape with their tongues out and mounting just about anyone and anything that can satisfy their sexual desires. Ok, that may be exaggerating just a little bit, but let's consider the fact that pornography alleviates sexual desires. It allows people to pleasure themselves. If that source of pleasure is no longer available, then people must find other ways to pleasure themselves. This can lead to disaster, and an exponential increase in predatory rape and harrassment cases.

    4. Porn strokes the ego. Now we get into the core psychological issue at hand. Believe it or not, society today is burdened by a countless number of people who feel lonely, depressed, and downright insufficient. Pornography gives those people the opportunity to release their innermost desires and feel whole again. In short, it strokes their ego. This reduces crime, increases work productivity, and most important of all- it makes people feel better about themselves.

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