Would MTV reach a much wider and energetic audience if it were to more frequently air and re-air episodes of Sifl and Olly?

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  • MTV Needs Better Programming

    MTV would reach a wider audience if it has more reality television shows like the ones that featured pregnant teenagers as opposed to "Sifl and Olly." The show featuring sock puppets is more than 15 years old and it doesn't need to be re-broadcast on any of MTV's networks. Instead, "Sifl and Olly" would thrive on YouTube as a web show if the creators wanted to bring those characters back.

  • No It Wouldn't

    Sifl and Olly has a small Internet following and they already spent a short amount of time on MTV without much success. At least not a big enough success to remain on. I have my doubts MTV would benefit at all if they added Sifl and Olly back to their line up.

  • It's not a nostalgia channel.

    Give it up, 90's kid. Sifl and Olly is dead and buried, and it's not coming back. And to be honest, it wasn't all that groundbreaking to begin with. Various art students had been doing stuff like that (in a much cruder art form) from the early 80s on public access channels.

  • No, I don't think MTV would reach a much wider audience if they re-aired Sifi and Olly.

    Sifi and Olly was a television program with a short run on MTV over a decade ago, I think the majority of people have forgotten about that show and I don't think bringing it back would attract that many people to watch MTV, I think overall the fans of the show would enjoy the return of it but not many other people.

  • No, it wouldn't.

    MTV will likely not have nearly as wide and energetic fan base as it used to many years ago. With the popularity of the internet and the access to most musical and other content for free, it would be difficult for them to gain that in any way shape or form.

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