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Adam2 says2014-01-23T03:36:59.820
Much like "John Crow" (which is the slang referring to the evil Anglo-Saxon/Scandinavian oppressors and tyrants and imperialists), Newman is a white man with all those traits. He is a peace-breaker (he almost had Jerry killed [through strangling] because of a lie that he was having sex with a man's girlfriend; the violent scene is like something taken out of the Jim Crow era]). He is a racist (in one episode he smears at Germans, calling them "Krauts"). He is a liar, he is a cheat! He is a womanizer.
Adam2 says2014-01-23T03:37:57.587
Newman is the epitome of every arrogant trait of the white man. Why not use that as a slang? Martin Luther is another example.