Would our country be better off if the South had won?

  • I do believe in many ways (but not all) our country would be better off.

    No one can honestly support slavery in our modern society, however, there is a lot to be learned from the Civil War. Southerns typically view people from the Northeast with skepticism and contempt. It's hard to find a true Southern person who doesn't feel that they are able to care for themselves and their families. What we are talking about here is self-reliance and freedom.

    Many people feel sorry for the atypical "recent college grad" who has a ton of debt from pursuing a useless liberal arts degree and can't find a meaningful job. If the South had won, maybe that same recent college grad would be rightfully be called a whiner and slacker. Furthermore, I do believe that the relationship between men and women would be better. In the South, men treat women like women and women treat men like men. Men open doors for women and allow them to order first at dinner. Men get respect from women for the work and protection they provide. This is the typical order of men and women as it has been for centuries.

    When we try to make men women and vice versa that's when the trouble occurs. While you are living your troubled life in Cleveland, NYC, Minneapolis, Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia and any other Northern city and you complain about your life, maybe you need to take a drive down to Dixie to see how people should be living. Take your observations back with you, however, if you do move to the South, don't try to change Southerns but rather assimilate to their way of life. You'll feel much better and more relaxed.

  • Growth and Prosperity

    During moments before the civil war it has been stated earlier that the south was a rural super power uncorrupted by the north. While Henry Clay was in the north trying to advocate for this industrialization and tie to a central government. If we had a society crafted by Andrew Jackson where the government would stay out of our lives. You bet your ass we would prosper. For the person above who said we would need European powers. You're incorrect that would not matter because the growth the south would try and achieve would've been a geographical growth that would've opened up resources. I just thought I would add this statement is from a person that is getting a degree at one of these liberal art colleges in Seattle. We wouldn't have to deal with corrupt polticians. Our youth would be respectful and we would have hardworking individuals.

  • America is not as it once was

    While industry was a pushing factor in the growth of America as a world power, that is the only thing the northern victory has done to make America great. The culture of the south was most prevalent in Americas greatest decades these modern times controlled by liberal agenda and enormous government is not what this country needs. It would be better for America to be divided than be locked into the liberal, modern day democratic tyrany that is seen today. I don't see America being as powerful as the three next world powers in the next 50 years because all we have been doin is heading off a cliff.

  • No oppressive central government.

    If the South had won there would not be one central dictator running the land. Free thought would be widely practiced and liberals or collectivists would have never been created. Just face it true "democracy" never works,it allows the collective to take from you using mob rule. Slavery was bad but was also practiced in the North and i doubt they would still allow slavery. The CSA was moving to a government where they wanted to prevent people from being enslaved to a central government and advocated state rights and local government.

  • Your damn right

    Conservatism would prevail and smaller government would be the central theme with Christianity backing it all. The Economy would boom and We'd all be much better off. People might have more of a moral compass like is instilled in most southerners passed down through the generations and our government definitely wouldn't be spending us into bankruptcy.

  • Absolutely not- though the South didn't really have a chance in the Civil War anyway.

    Even disregarding the rather obvious slavery issue, the nation would have broken into further pieces. A great deal of the Civil War was over states' rights versus federal rights, and the Confederacy fought for far more rights to the states than would have been feasible for a united nation.
    And let's face it- the South leads the nation in illiteracy, obesity, poverty, and poor education. Racism, sometimes institutionalized, still exists there as well as religious intolerance and a great deal of sexism.

  • Development of Countries

    Our country would not be better off if the South had won the civil war. Through the events after the victory of the North, America came one step closer to the equality that we have today. One must also understand that the South was fighting for succession, so even if they had won, they would not have been in control of all of what is now America. They would have controlled the southern 11 states that seceded from the Union in the first place. This means that the Confederate States of America would now be a separate country from the Union and there would be two countries occupying what is now America.

    I would also like to address Anonymous' statements. I will start off with the statement about college grads. How would calling college graduates "whiners" and "slackers" fix anything whatsoever? We need to focus on lowering the costs for college grads and making it easier to pay off debts. Next I will address the statement that the relationship between men and women would be better. This assessment of the relationships between men and women is totally false. The changing of how women are treated came about mostly from the suffragette movement in the late 19th century and early 20th century. From there the evolution of society changed how men and women treated each other to create a more equal society where genders were treated the same. Now, Anonymous, are you saying that if the South had won the Civil War then the suffragette movement would never have happened? Highly unlikely. Making women "vice versa" as you said has created no prevalent problems in society now. Also saying that "driving down to Dixie to see how people should live" is completely opinionated. Maybe I despise the red-neck way of life in the South where the level of sophistication is extremely low and many have no post-secondary education.

    One must also look at the economies of the South and the North at the time of the war. The economy of the South mostly relied on farms and plantations while the economy of the North was rich with industry. The South would have had to import many of its products and if the North refused to do so, which is very likely considering they would have just lost a war to them, then the South would have had to import many products from countries in Europe. This would have been very expensive to the already weakened economy of the South and chances are the economy, and ultimately the country, would have failed within a few years of formation. There is also a high chance that there would have been retaliation wars and high tensions between what would have then been the South and the North later on in history. Also, looking ahead, this would have slowed American research and development later on in the 20th century and ultimately kept America from being the world superpower it is today.

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