• Panarchy is the possibility to set up your own for of government for yourself and for the people that share the same vision.

    All along history compulsion has resulted in clashes that have led in many cases to highly destructive wars. Panarchy means the possibility to emerge from a situation of subjection through the free and voluntary choice to which community a person wants to be a member. Political tolerance will then, like religious tolerance in the past, introduce to a world where violent conflicts are greatly reduced if not totally avoided. And this should be the aim of every civilized community and decent person,

  • Panarchy as a method to achieve the form of government you prefer

    Panarchy is not an ideal form of Government but a method to achieve the form of government each one likes more. If personal freedom and the pursuit of happiness are worthy values and aims, panarchy is the best method to fulfill them. This is why we should all be in favour of panarchy because it is the best way to implement everybody's aspirations in matter of social organizations, whatever they are.

  • Yes, because it allows a person to live under their ideal for of Government.

    I support Panarchy because it would lead to no forced oppression, like we have in all other forms of government. For those that don't know what Panarchy is, it's a form of Government in which you choose what government you adhere to, and it's different for each person. Your neighbor to the east of you could practice Communism, and the neighbor to the west of you could practice capitalism. No one is oppressed by a tyrant, or majorities, but if anything it would be by their own hand and choice.

  • No, because governments (communism, capitalism, ect.) need groups or societies united and following that government's rules and beliefs to function.

    There is no logical way in which a whole society could live with individual, different governments. By the definitions of communism and capitalism (as per pro's example) a group or whole society is necessary to function. Communism requires a leadership to mandate a groups actions, where capitalism needs group trade.

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