Would passing legislation to legalize marijuana reduce its consumption?

  • No, I do not agree that legalizing marijuana would lessen consumption. Rather, it would make it more profitable for the drug dealers.

    The argument goes that legalizing marijuana would cause people to use it less. But there is a flaw in this argument. Cigarettes are an addictive narcotic, and they are legal, but it has not lessened the demand for them. If it was legal, the user still has to get it from somewhere, and most users would not make an effort to grow their own, but they would buy it on the open market. With the drug dealer able to apply his trade legally, they would find ways to make it more addictive, thus increasing the demand for it.

    Posted by: B Stephens
  • Alcohol destroys your mind and body Marijuana will HELP you

    Personally speaking, I have experienced the centering and healing effects of marijuana. It is not unlike alcohol in that both these drugs
    can free one from the drudgery and pain of normal life.
    The difference, for me. Is that marijuana doesn't encourage me to"drop the gloves" as alcohol has. Marijuana lets me mellow out enough to consider the other guys point of view. Much healthier, No? If you don't like reefer it's okay. If it's not okay than you are the kind of person who has hard opinions about things that don't really concern them. No one cares.

  • Studies and Examples in other Countries show that it will probably Decrease Consumption

    Firstly, no one can know for sure what the result will be, but I would say that it's use would decrease, or maybe stay pretty much the same as it is now. Many countries have now decriminalized marijuana, and this consistently reduces consumption. Every country that has decriminalized it now has a far lower rate of under 18s smoking it.

  • Yes & No

    There may be an initial increase, some older retiring boomers may start smoking again, some like younger 30's-50's with kids and families, may take a hit at a party every now and then, i think teenagers will actually smoke less, most kids smoke to "rebel", think it's cool, or simply to annoy their parents, you could sell most teens alfalfa and they wouldn't know the difference.

  • Legalize this shit.

    teenagers and adults that smoke weed don't care if it is legal or not. They are going to do it anyways. It is not hard to find the drug. It is actually very simple. Drug dealers are all over the place. Yes, it will be easier to get a hold of weed when it is legalized but it's not impossible to get some right now. If we legalize it the government will be able to tax it and make money to help us get out of debt. It would reduce crime and money spent on our borders because the drug cartels main drug is marijuana. We legalize it then thats one less drug to hunt down and would cut their profits on it.

  • Legalizing Marijuana would reduce consumption.

    Studies show that when the drinking age was increased from 21 to 18, teen alcohol consumption went down. By further regulating this drug it decreased consumption. THis can be proven because currently in a study 1000 student, 34 percent of students said marijuana was the easiest drug to get, whereas access to cigarettes and alcohol was much less easy.

  • It might break about even, who knows?

    I think that people who enjoy smoking pot are going to smoke pot regardless, There might be the Saturday night waitress who puffs from time to time, but she always did that. I think putting canncigs in the vending machine is a big no no, but i think you people, that i never met before, should leave me alone. The poor helpless homesteader, or patient, or weekend waitress who likes the occasional puff(prob one of your kids). Peace friends and great discussions

  • Debatble

    Ok so, for people who already smoke marijuana they would smoke more of it cause its a great thing. But it would reduce the number of new comers becuase little stupid spoiled kids would stop thinking they are so cool and would reduce the urge to try.

  • Marijuana is bad for you!

    I hate marijuana it is bad for health and if we did legalize it then it would turn out to be just like alcohol. People would get addicted to it and then do things they wouldn't normally do if they weren't high. I know that people think it can be used for medical uses and it can. But then people will just over use their prescription drug and want more and more. So hear me out on this don't legalize marijuana.

  • Legalization won't reduce consumption.

    The reason why some governments like to legalize it is not because they think of people's liberties. They think on the tax they will put on the merchandise. Anyone who has taken a class in microeconomics knows that the few products where supply and demand doesn't change are those that produce addiction: tobacco, alcohol and now....Pot. Demand always is constant, even if the country experiences macroeconomic problems, high unemployment or inflation. Consumption will increase and then remain constant unless, at some point in 10, 20 years, marijuana smokers start having health issues due to its consumption, which it will happen. Then, it will be as vilified as tobacco is today.

  • Legalize it! (Hear me out)

    Let's do a comparison, there are an average of 75 thousand alcohol related deaths in the United States every year, yet this highly destructive, dangerous drug remains legal. 0 people die from marijuana use, it's IMPOSSIBLE to overdose on weed! Just because it becomes legal does not mean that you have to smoke it! Take a stand for your fellow Americans to push for the legalization of marijuana so that hundreds of thousands of good, hard working American citizens are not arrested, imprisoned, and labeled as criminals on their permanent records for the rest of their lives. Marijuana=Peace. Blaze on USA!

  • Legalizing marijuana would not reduce its consumption, because it would allow for easier access.

    Primarily, legalization of marijuana would allow easier access to the drug. As opposed to the lengthy process of finding a black market dealer of the drug, one could, under legalization, walk up to a gas station, for example, and buy the drug. Not only would it allow easier access for current users, it could also attract new users who hadn't tried because of the effort required in getting access to it.

    Posted by: PuzzledCharles70
  • It would increase consumption.

    Legalizing marijuana would not reduce its consumption, on the contrary it would increase it. If marijuana is legalized it would be readily available and more people would have access to it. The notion that its' use would decrease because it is legal is incorrect. Legalization would make it more accessible to people who would otherwise have no access.

    Posted by: AverageHoward86
  • I do not think that that passing legislation to legalize marijuana would reduce its consumption, because it will be far more accessible.

    I think it is obvious that, if marijuana is legalized, it will become far more accessible and, by extension, consumption will increase. The sales of other legalized drugs, like cigarettes and alcohol, have obviously not suffered from being legal.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • I don't think that legalizing marijuana will reduce its consumption, because I think it will actually increase its consumption.

    Marijuana is very easy to obtain. Just ask any 14-year old. Anyone can lay their hands on marijuana on any given day, without a problem. The only thing that keeps some people from using marijuana is the fact that it is illegal. If it were legalized, not only would most people use it, but there would also be an increase in minors breaking the law and using it. Right now, a large number of teenagers use the drug and, if it were legalized, I believe this would just increase, because it would be even easier to get the drug.

    Posted by: I0ckHead

    reduce its consumption because the consumption is based on each individual and not in the legalization. I think that Education can reduce marijuana consumption. when people really knows the damage of the marijuana then they prefer to go to the right way.

  • Prohibition does not work - not then, not now

    My grandfather delivered bootleg whiskey during the depression, anything to make money for his family. Many now turn to dealing drugs to support themselves and/or family members. Reducing the use of marijuana is a red herring used by judgmental folks, much like those who were finally able to "force" legislators to make alcohol illegal. Those making the most money have a lot invested in not legalizing marijuana, and many legislators are afraid to speak out in favor of legalization, which begs the question: Why? Follow the big money, not the street money. Marijuana is safer and less dangerous than the propaganda admits. We all know that. Yes, I have inhaled - in the 60s.

  • No, legalizing marijuana would probably cause a small increase in consumption as a few more people would try it.

    Marijuana should be legalized as a matter of justice and freedom, but such legalization would probably do little to reduce its consumption. Consumption of marijuana would probably increase slightly. First off, while most people who want to smoke marijuana do so regardless of the laws against it, a few people have avoided trying it because of the laws and would try it after legalization, and some of them would remain regular marijuana users. This small effect has been observed in other countries that have reduced controls on drugs. Another effect that would slightly increase consumption is that marijuana smokers who sometimes have difficulty finding the product due to the underground channels from which it is currently available would be able to find it more regularly after legalization.

    Posted by: tacomoon

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