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  • Sort of, but not exactly

    Well, I can see it being possible, but, many issues can happen from a bad wish, see TV shows like the fairly oddparents for example. However, it could also cause war when people wish bad things against each other, and may create paradoxes as well. I'm not going to lie, I would love to have a wish or 2 granted every once in a while, but, as themohawkninja said, it would really just lose it's magic and become normal.

  • I do not think so.

    Being happy doesn't mean you have to do all your wishes, it means you have to content yourself with what you got. If you do that, so you will be happy, you do not need to make all of your wishes come true, just content with what was given to you.

  • Wishes would lose their "magic".

    The reason why we all love the idea of a genie that grants three wishes, is because that will probably be the ONE time in your life that you can have a wish (let alone three) actually granted. If we all could have what we wished for on a daily basis, the wish would lose it's "magic" per se, and it would just become the norm.

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