Would photo ads showing heart disease facts in fast food restaurants improve American health habits?

  • People need to take action.

    In order to improve our society, people need to face the facts so they can be happier and healthier. Bad health habits can lead to fatal causes like diabetes, heart disease, unfortunately, much more. People these days don't control themselves and something needs to be done about this. Watching documentaries and movies and listening to commercials and ads is a start.

  • People will get shocked that what they are doing isn't good for them and they will stop.

    Exposing people to the real truth is really all they need to stop. Even though fast food is addicting and it will be hard to stop, people these days have a hard time controlling themselves. Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and even more fatal diseases are, in most cases, caused by unhealthy eating. In order to improve our society, we need to take action so people can be happier and healthier.

  • Yes, I think photo ads displaying heart disease in fast food restraunts would improve American health habits.

    It took a long time for the Government to warn people of the dangers of smoking and some of the most effective advertising they did was putting graphic pictures on the cigarette boxes and huge warning labels, I think fast food restaurants need something similar since I am not sure if Americans are aware of how bad that food actually is for you and if they did know I bet they would cut down their consumption of it.

  • It is information.

    Yes, photo ads showing heart disease facts in fast food restaurants would improve American health habits, because people have information available to them and that leads to better choices. Most people think heart disease can never happen to them. Putting posters in fast food restaurants would show people that their actions have consequences.

  • People know the consequences.

    Ultimately, people already know the consequences of eating unhealthily. Even if they don't know all the science, or what exactly in fast foods, they do know that it is unhealthy, that it causes disease, and they eat it by choice, willingly. Putting up more ads isn't going to change anything, unfortunately. We should try and help people with addictions to the additives in fast foods (a less widely known addiction compared to cigarettes) and try to make the addictive additives illegal!

  • No, it would not.

    The reason I know this would not work, is because I have seen something similar used in different countries. In Brazil and Argentina, they put photos of people with several types of diseases on packs of cigarettes, yet they smoke more than people do in the United States of America.

  • No, photo ads about heart disease in restaurants would not improve American health habits.

    I do not believe that putting posters or photo ads of heart disease facts in restaurants would help to improve the health habits of Americans. I think that Americans know that heart disease is a major concern for our society. But a lot of people still decide to live the way they do in terms of their diet.

  • Check the statistics

    Right now, providing pictures of damaged, blackened lungs and cancers to prevent people from purchasing cigarettes has not curbed cigarette use. It's just as likely that providing facts about high fat and high cholesterol foods won't curb eating habits, and if anything it's a dangerous prospect for businesses to attempt and shut them down by means of so-called "health" violations.

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