Would posting students' grades publicly in schools motivate them to perform better?

  • Humiliation - a false presumption

    The european educational system, for example, is one that traditionally didn't even treat this publicity of grades as a problem. I grew up in a system where grades were always made public and the students in a certain clhad a very good idea of who is doing what and how well. This did not lead to mocking and humiliation but in fact to an assortment of certain values and a better knowing of each other. In the end, to mutual respect, since in the process we learned that we all had our minuses and pluses; we in fact learned the lesson of auto this?ernment, of giving up on cultivating and fostering an attitude of self righteousness. Many of us lived the beautiful experience of learning that we can exceed better others by simple means, like altering and correcting learning habits. The core of the problem is: do we treat each person as the center of the universe or is the universe an assembly of persons who, only through a complex and true interaction with the other, reach the fulfillment of their own selves?

  • I agree the public display of grades in schools will definitely encourage the students.

    Public posting of grades will encourage the students to learn better and score higher. Students of higher grades will definitely improve because they would like to stand as an example to their juniors. In smaller age, it is a joy for the students to see their name at the top. However, in all age groups, this will create a good impact and will motivate the students to perform better.

    Posted by: ArelyR
  • The posting of students' grade publicly in schools increases the scope of competition and makes them competitive, to do better.

    When students' grade is posted publicly in schools, it leads to competition among them. When one student sees his counterpart's marks, it leads to rivalry in the field of studies, which is known as "competition." Competition helps to encourage the students to perform better in the further assessments and leads to a bright future. So, posting grades publicly in schools motivates students to perform well.

    Posted by: taiboxer
  • Yes, because posting grades publicly in schools will show their performance to everyone, which will motivate the students to perform better from other who is performing better than that student.

    Posting grades publicly in school will increase the competition in the students as everyone will be seeing their grades and will compare their grades from the other students who might be scoring higher grades. This will motivate the students to perform better and better to come at the top of the grades and feel more confidant from others.

    Posted by: RingJonas
  • By making student's grades public, they are more likely to be motivated to perform better academically.

    No students wants to be embarrassed among their peers because they have bad grades. By posting student's grade in public allows them to be more motivated to perform better. Each student can see their ranks and this will drive competition to get to the top! The more competition, the more likely students are to become more academically hard working and driven.

    Posted by: M4xFace
  • By putting bad grades out students

    are more likely to get embarrassed and to make sure it did not happen again would work to bring their grade up

  • Public accountability would boost performance.

    Learning to be accountable to one's peers and superiors is an important part of personal growth. It will also serve to motivate students by making them subject to judgment from their peers.

    Posted by: M4r5hKai
  • This will increase competition in students.

    If an F- student sees his grades posted right next to a straight A student's grades, he/ she will most likely start competing with that student and this will bring up the grades. In addition, the child will now understand competition and use it throughout his/ her life.

  • actually yeah

    I would normally said no. But back in private school, my 6th grade teacher did that with homeworks. She had a big chart with all of our names and every time we didn't do out homework she would mark a dot next to our name. We became really competitive about that, never saw my classmates trying so hard to get their work done.

  • Probably

    People are inherently competitive, because in nature if you don't compete you die. I think that people would be motivated by knowing exactly where they stand in relation to everyone else, and they would probably be more inclined to try harder if they faced public humiliation for every failure they made.

  • No no no

    Humiliating someone isn't going to help them focus or to succeed In trying to do better. Posting someone's grade on the bulletin will just make them feel pressurized and worse on what their grades are. In order to prove a point to someone or push them to do better doesn't mean to point out their weakness as a joke

  • Students would be pushed into stress

    I strongly stand against the concept of posting grades on public platforms which are visible and accessible to all. Not all students excel at academics. There are many other areas in which they might be more successful. Putting a student's grade in public view goes against their privacy.
    People might argue that posting grades in public view might motivate students to perform better as they will get an idea of the competition. However, There are a lot of factors that are ignored. A lot of students, Mostly high school students deal with a lot of stress. The mental health of a student is blatantly ignored in most cases. A student who consistently sees his/her bad grades on a public platform might get pushed into depression. This could further lead to disastrous steps. People argue that we must stop protecting the children of this generation. However, The world we live in today faces competition that we've never seen before. Our parents were never forced to score above 90%. Their choice of good colleges weren't bound by the 90% rule. Studies prove that the stress levels of a high school student in the 21st century matches those of patients in mental asylums in the 20th century. We cannot ignore that students come from a variety of backgrounds. Not all of them have access to resources that would allow them to perform better. The risk of public embarrassment and bullying often results in alienation leading to higher levels of anxiety and stress. People with extremely high or low grades might face bullying for might resort to bullying others.
    Grades in a single test do not check a student's brilliance. Some student prefer to keep their grades private no matter what. Publicly posting grades does not lead to healthy competition in any form. Thus, I stand against the motion.

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  • Correct Concept, Wrong Method

    I believe that competition would motivate students to do better in grades, But not posting the students' grades. A better idea would be to post student rankings (e. G. #1, #2, Etc. ) instead of grades (e. G. 98%, 67%). It would also be best to post separate achievements such as best average, And most improved on a regular basis.

  • Why would u do this to child

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  • Evidence supports a correlation between grades, Public perception in schools by peers and teachers, And self esteem

    Women in urban areas are particularly vulnerable to self esteem changes based on peer and teacher perception in the school environment. Also, There exist significantly stronger correlations between maths scores and self esteem for female students. See for example, Booth and Gerrard 2011 paper in the Journal of Cooperative and International Education. Many studies support these facts. Additionally, Students from disadvantaged backgrounds already face alienation in schools, And bullying is often a function of other's knowledge of academic standing, Either high or low.

  • Nah, It won't motivate them.

    I've been in both top 10 and worst 10. And knowing i'm one of the best did gave me a little bit pride and urge to keep it up, But it's only awhile.
    While knowing you're one of the worst 10 is not motivating at all. At least for me. It did the opposite, I have no reason to be better because i had the feel of "nothing to lose"

  • Oh hell naw

    Just don't. You will humiliate the students and they will not be able to face the other students as they will also feel like they are being targeted. Just owuwuwuwuw uwuwuwuw unusualness uwuwwu Uluru uwuwwu Ubud Yuwu uwuwuwuwuw OSHA’s heh Sheh hehe hehe hehe hehe hehe he. Heheheheh heheh osasu

  • You shouldnt post it

    Posting someones score, If a student appears on the lowest tier of the ranks then the student will feel humiliated and just give up, Not all of the students are strong willed and some are weak hearted. Some students will feel pressured and depressed because of the pressure to be on the top in order not to be humiliated again.

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