Would posting students' grades publicly in schools motivate them to perform better?

  • Posting students s

    Posting student grades could be discriminatory, Towards their economic status etc.

    Having a bad grade could lead to depression or anxiety

    Most professionals believe that posting your grades will lead to the points above

    If people do get a good grade, They will boast on other students which will have the students have depression and anxiety

    Having your grade publicly shown could be more unmotivating because of the stress it’ll put on students

  • This would help

    Posting students grades would motivate them because kids like competition. And if hey see that they got a bad grade and some other person got a good grade they would want to try and beat their classmates’ grades. So, The cycle would keep on going repeatedly. And the teacher could even say that the student with the best grade at the end of the week will get a treat. Then that would start a fun competition in your class by who could get the best grade possible. Its survival of the fittest so we need to prepare them for the real world. Life has always been about survival, And why shield them away from that. A person on Debate. Com states, “If an F- student sees his grades posted right next to a straight A student's grades, He/ she will most likely start competing with that student and this will bring up the grades. ”

    So, This is a great concept to do if you’re a teacher. I would personally do this for my students. It is better for students to have fun, But still in a learning environment. So

  • It is motivational.

    The naysayers seem to think that individual students are being identified. This is false because it is against the law. Grades posted using anonymous code numbers allows each student to see his or her grade relative to the whole class. The mean, Median, And grade distribution should not be a mystery. Students need to know just how good or bad they really are. The self-esteem model of education has produced and is producing the worst educated students this country has seen in modern times.

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  • Helps Students know where they are in their class

    -Students grades don't have to be posted. There could be a system where students are ranked on what grade they get. The person with the best score would be at the top of the list and the worst at the bottom.
    -The first 5 students grades could be shown so the other students don't get humiliated.
    -And there could be another board where the students last grades are taken into account so if someone was a straight A student and they suddenly get a D, They would still be somewhere on the top so the fall in placing isn't such a shock.
    -Students would also be required to continuously study hard and all their hard work in all subjects would be taken into account.

  • Yes - it likely would.

    Many students play games (e. G. , Video games, Sports, Etc. ). While they play these games, Usually they are being competitive and trying to win (e. G. , To get the highest score on an online multiplayer game or to become noticed as a great basketball player, Etc. ). So, It's reasonable to assume that this competitive behavior would translate over to the school setting. Some students are already competitive, But if grades were made public, It's plausible to think that a couple more students will become more competitive at reaching the top of the "scoreboard".

  • Motivation and stuff

    If they start getting bullied then its their fault for not trying hard enough on the test and should start studying more and not wasting their time on games and friends or dodo like that sure it may seem harsh but it'll push them or they can try impressing people they want to impress

  • People, Are you serious

    Since you are so afraid of posting marks, Why don't you tell your parents about this? I guess if you did so, Most of you won't be alive by now. And there's a better way to die, Tell your parents you don't want to study at all just want them to spend you money.

  • Yes it should

    For the record I am not in favor of public schools doing this. I am more in favor of private schools doing this if they want to. Then students can take in to account this an decide to go there or not. It would be widely beneficial to motivate students to study to avoid negative impressions of themselves. Higher up students can be motivated to stay there, And lower students can be motivated to study harder or get more help.

  • Competition is a thing and people aren’t alike.

    Mostly in support for later years, But our society is and should be competitive. Pretending it isn’t helps no one. Not the ones in front nor the ones in the back. Clumping people as if they are all the same isn’t the answer. It’s just a way to pretend that they all start with the same potential. They don’t.

  • Pushes students over the breaking point

    Some students drive themselves the breaking point to be perfect. Whether or not their parents push them, or they just expect a lot from themselves. When teachers post their students grades for all to see, it is humiliating and can drive students to the extreme.( Maybe even suicide). Why would teachers do this when they're supposed to encourage students.

  • It is humiliating

    We should not just post students grades on the bulletin boards publicly as it will not motivate them to perform better but it will just make them think that everyone has seen their grades and everyone would be thinking that they were unable to score enough marks for praising..... Why should we just show the world that the student is taking the studies seriously or not?

  • No, please don't

    I had a teacher do this in the 6th grade, It sucked everyone would look at each others grade buuut I didnt see any teasing towards the less bright kids more the bright kids were questioned. The teacher dint implement this to humilate the kids but because he was lazy make seperate sheets for every individual student. He was a french teacher.

  • This cant be

    This just isn't right cause what if the teacher didn't ask the parents nor the kid the parents could sue them and the kids will just get bullied by other kids like telling him or her hey why you have bad grades or you are dumb or just stupid and like that subject is easy how are you failing

  • Do you want every mistake you make to be displayed?

    If a teacher shares a students grade, or post it, it not only creates more stress on the students but it creates an environment for bullying. Not just for those who aren't doing well but also for the kids who are excelling because they're to smart. Other kids may not know some kids are in poverty and can't afford the tools they need to do well, and some kids have disabilities that cause them to mess up sometimes and we should punish them for that? By displaying a private score? This also may cause some students to stress more because they're not good at taking test.
    It's not right, there was a reason we didn't do this from the start.

  • Nopeeeee no no

    Will posting students’ grades on bulletin boards publicly motivate them to perform better or is it humiliating? I strongly disagree, a teacher’s job is to encourage a child and to put up something like that on social media can damage their self esteem. In a school were learned to respect others and if respect isn’t shown by that teacher by humiliating that child on social media it can cause them to drop out of school, stop performing and changing their willingness to learn. A teachers job is to give their students chances, let them learn from their mistakes, encourage them to continue working playing a great role in carrying moving them up the scale of learning, being a teacher you should know that, not everyone is a early developer everyone learns at their own time, if these grades are published on social media it can also look bad on the teacher also, cause it can indicate to some parents that the teacher is happy that their students is failing and it can indicate that the teacher is not teaching so that the students can be able to understand then implement. As the Minister of Education said “If the students fail, the teachers fail” so as a teacher you should not humiliate a student by posting their grades online, you should encourage them to continue working so at the end you can also feel proud and know that you have also produced achievers, and accomplished your goal.

  • Emotioms Are strong

    Some children are very sensitive and try hard to achieve good marks some do and some don't it bring s down their self esteem and it doesn't motivate them therefore some people might bully them and some might feel bad about themselves so I disagree
    Completely with this it isn't right

  • It would not motivate them

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  • No! I strongly disagree!

    There is always a mixture of two types of kids in a class.The brighter ones and the not so smart ones.By posting the students marks on a bulletin board,most children and teachers will favour the brighter ones with good grades.The ones with average or bad grades will be isolated by friends and teachers.
    This goes to all schools who perform this actin. Please, please, PLEASE do not post your students' grades on bulletin boards or you will have to deal with a major issue! Thank you.

  • Students don't care

    If there is a opinion as to motivating students by putting there marks in bulletin board , then friends, its of no use. Because it should be collective effort of both students and teachers to contribute for their growth. What effort does a teacher give to those weak students after displaying their results? As a result the weak students also take it casually. In my opinion rather than displaying result publicly the teacher should groom the students individually taking into consideration their ability of understanding and capturing studies. This should be done because everyone is not born with same capability and talent. Displaying those student results wont help.

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