Would posting students' grades publicly in schools motivate them to perform better?

  • Posting students s

    Posting student grades could be discriminatory, Towards their economic status etc.

    Having a bad grade could lead to depression or anxiety

    Most professionals believe that posting your grades will lead to the points above

    If people do get a good grade, They will boast on other students which will have the students have depression and anxiety

    Having your grade publicly shown could be more unmotivating because of the stress it’ll put on students

  • This would help

    Posting students grades would motivate them because kids like competition. And if hey see that they got a bad grade and some other person got a good grade they would want to try and beat their classmates’ grades. So, The cycle would keep on going repeatedly. And the teacher could even say that the student with the best grade at the end of the week will get a treat. Then that would start a fun competition in your class by who could get the best grade possible. Its survival of the fittest so we need to prepare them for the real world. Life has always been about survival, And why shield them away from that. A person on Debate. Com states, “If an F- student sees his grades posted right next to a straight A student's grades, He/ she will most likely start competing with that student and this will bring up the grades. ”

    So, This is a great concept to do if you’re a teacher. I would personally do this for my students. It is better for students to have fun, But still in a learning environment. So

  • It is motivational.

    The naysayers seem to think that individual students are being identified. This is false because it is against the law. Grades posted using anonymous code numbers allows each student to see his or her grade relative to the whole class. The mean, Median, And grade distribution should not be a mystery. Students need to know just how good or bad they really are. The self-esteem model of education has produced and is producing the worst educated students this country has seen in modern times.

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  • Helps Students know where they are in their class

    -Students grades don't have to be posted. There could be a system where students are ranked on what grade they get. The person with the best score would be at the top of the list and the worst at the bottom.
    -The first 5 students grades could be shown so the other students don't get humiliated.
    -And there could be another board where the students last grades are taken into account so if someone was a straight A student and they suddenly get a D, They would still be somewhere on the top so the fall in placing isn't such a shock.
    -Students would also be required to continuously study hard and all their hard work in all subjects would be taken into account.

  • Yes - it likely would.

    Many students play games (e. G. , Video games, Sports, Etc. ). While they play these games, Usually they are being competitive and trying to win (e. G. , To get the highest score on an online multiplayer game or to become noticed as a great basketball player, Etc. ). So, It's reasonable to assume that this competitive behavior would translate over to the school setting. Some students are already competitive, But if grades were made public, It's plausible to think that a couple more students will become more competitive at reaching the top of the "scoreboard".

  • Motivation and stuff

    If they start getting bullied then its their fault for not trying hard enough on the test and should start studying more and not wasting their time on games and friends or dodo like that sure it may seem harsh but it'll push them or they can try impressing people they want to impress

  • People, Are you serious

    Since you are so afraid of posting marks, Why don't you tell your parents about this? I guess if you did so, Most of you won't be alive by now. And there's a better way to die, Tell your parents you don't want to study at all just want them to spend you money.

  • Yes it should

    For the record I am not in favor of public schools doing this. I am more in favor of private schools doing this if they want to. Then students can take in to account this an decide to go there or not. It would be widely beneficial to motivate students to study to avoid negative impressions of themselves. Higher up students can be motivated to stay there, And lower students can be motivated to study harder or get more help.

  • Competition is a thing and people aren’t alike.

    Mostly in support for later years, But our society is and should be competitive. Pretending it isn’t helps no one. Not the ones in front nor the ones in the back. Clumping people as if they are all the same isn’t the answer. It’s just a way to pretend that they all start with the same potential. They don’t.

  • I strongly disagree.

    Should students' grades be publicized? I believe to the contrary. Some students just can't get the marks they desired. This may be due to personal reasons, learning disabilities or any other reason. They will already be in a disappointed state. Broadcasting their grade doesn't help. They will become prone to bullying or teasing. A borderline pass student seeing his name at the bottom of the chart doesn't make him competitive but establishes a sense of despondency in him. Even a straight-A student getting a B grade will think of it as an embarrassing score. Thus my suggestion is not to publicize the grades of students.

  • It would lead to a lot of suicides

    While I have now over come my learning disabilities that I suffered from as a child, if I had been put through such denigration, then I would have probably killed myself. Humiliation is always morally wrong, no matter the circumstances. It is a form of psychological rape. If you have gone through it, then you understand this. Humiliation is a violation of a persons right to dignity. And this right should be held very dear to us. Humiliation never helps a person, and will always lead to depression, suicide, and sometimes even violence in certain kinds people. People who advocate public humiliation are not very emotionally or spiritually intelligent, and do not seem to see the bigger picture. Public humiliation harms society and makes life cheap. The ends never justify the means. We are currently seeing a break down all over the world in peoples ability to feel empathy, and the new acceptance of humiliation is one of the main reasons why. While humiliation might seem to bring more order to society, it will be an order based on fear. And as Yoda said, "Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering." If people want their kids to do good in school, then they need to be brought up on love and compassion. This leads to respect, and a sense of purpose and determination in life. As a child it was predicted that I would never be able to read, yet by high school I had become an A, B student. This was because of love and compassion, and not fear of humiliation.

  • Students would be pushed into stress

    I strongly stand against the concept of posting grades on public platforms which are visible and accessible to all. Not all students excel at academics. There are many other areas in which they might be more successful. Putting a student's grade in public view goes against their privacy.
    People might argue that posting grades in public view might motivate students to perform better as they will get an idea of the competition. However, There are a lot of factors that are ignored. A lot of students, Mostly high school students deal with a lot of stress. The mental health of a student is blatantly ignored in most cases. A student who consistently sees his/her bad grades on a public platform might get pushed into depression. This could further lead to disastrous steps. People argue that we must stop protecting the children of this generation. However, The world we live in today faces competition that we've never seen before. Our parents were never forced to score above 90%. Their choice of good colleges weren't bound by the 90% rule. Studies prove that the stress levels of a high school student in the 21st century matches those of patients in mental asylums in the 20th century. We cannot ignore that students come from a variety of backgrounds. Not all of them have access to resources that would allow them to perform better. The risk of public embarrassment and bullying often results in alienation leading to higher levels of anxiety and stress. People with extremely high or low grades might face bullying for might resort to bullying others.
    Grades in a single test do not check a student's brilliance. Some student prefer to keep their grades private no matter what. Publicly posting grades does not lead to healthy competition in any form. Thus, I stand against the motion.

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  • Correct Concept, Wrong Method

    I believe that competition would motivate students to do better in grades, But not posting the students' grades. A better idea would be to post student rankings (e. G. #1, #2, Etc. ) instead of grades (e. G. 98%, 67%). It would also be best to post separate achievements such as best average, And most improved on a regular basis.

  • Why would u do this to child

    This is very mean you very rude people do not pressure children this is very mean you very rude people do not pressure children this is very mean you very rude people do not pressure children this is very mean you very rude people do not pressure children this is very mean you very rude people do not pressure children this is very mean you very rude people do not pressure children this is very mean you very rude people do not pressure children this is very mean you very rude people do not pressure children this is very mean you very rude people do not pressure children this is very mean you very rude people do not pressure children this is very mean you very rude people do not pressure children this is very mean you very rude people do not pressure children

  • Evidence supports a correlation between grades, Public perception in schools by peers and teachers, And self esteem

    Women in urban areas are particularly vulnerable to self esteem changes based on peer and teacher perception in the school environment. Also, There exist significantly stronger correlations between maths scores and self esteem for female students. See for example, Booth and Gerrard 2011 paper in the Journal of Cooperative and International Education. Many studies support these facts. Additionally, Students from disadvantaged backgrounds already face alienation in schools, And bullying is often a function of other's knowledge of academic standing, Either high or low.

  • Nah, It won't motivate them.

    I've been in both top 10 and worst 10. And knowing i'm one of the best did gave me a little bit pride and urge to keep it up, But it's only awhile.
    While knowing you're one of the worst 10 is not motivating at all. At least for me. It did the opposite, I have no reason to be better because i had the feel of "nothing to lose"

  • Oh hell naw

    Just don't. You will humiliate the students and they will not be able to face the other students as they will also feel like they are being targeted. Just owuwuwuwuw uwuwuwuw unusualness uwuwwu Uluru uwuwwu Ubud Yuwu uwuwuwuwuw OSHA’s heh Sheh hehe hehe hehe hehe hehe he. Heheheheh heheh osasu

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