Would prohibit British companies from trading with governments that criminalise homosexuality.

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  • Banning companies from trading with these coutries is the most efficient way to change the law.

    Why is it so important?
    • We believe we need to be working towards a world where the right to love and to be loved by whomever is equal for everyone. Homosexuality is not a bad or unnatural thing, and current scientific evidence is supporting our belief that it is no more a choice than the colour of your eyes, hair or skin.
    • You should not be treated unequally for how you are born, or how you chose to live your life (providing it doesn’t hurt anyone else).
    Why are sanctions best?
    • If we had a map of the countries where homosexuality is illegal we would see that it is predominantly in Africa and the Middle East. What do these have in common? Colonised by Britain in the time of the Empire. E.g. India, Pakistan, Kenya and Nigeria.
    • During that time, England was, and remains to be, economically powerful and so trading began between the countries. This has continued, and now the UK imports almost 10% of Kenya’s goods. (Imports 4.7% of Nigeria’s goods and 4.8% of Pakistan’s)
    • Clear that if we implemented these sanctions, it would be detrimental to the businesses in these countries, and the overall economic growth of the country. They would have to take some sort of action and we strongly believe the action they would take would to be changing their laws so that trade could continue.
    • Seen this work before. For example, EU wide trade ban against Myanmar (formerly Burma) up until 2013 because of Human rights violations (these countries have committed HR violations e.g. below). The sanctions were lifted only when a quasi-civilian government was formed and implemented many reforms. Also, in December 2013 Richard Branson (Virgin Founder) himself boycotted and asked companies to boycott Uganda after they passed a law that said that people could be imprisoned for life for being gay or not reporting someone was gay. The pressure from the media, other companies and human rights activists in Uganda lead to the law being lifted in August 2014.

    • We also believe that these sanctions would be particularly effective in countries such as Seychelles, Lebanon and Dominica, where their laws against homosexuality are no longer enforced. While people aren’t being prosecuted for being gay here, it is still important for the LGBT community to see that these countries are giving them the equal rights that they deserve. The threat of losing trade in their economically growing countries would be too detrimental for them not to change the law.

    Why does Britain need to be involved?
    • Many of these countries are violating the HR “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”, as homosexuals in these countries are not receiving equal rights and are treated with absolutely no dignity when they are executed. Britain is a founding member of the UN and a very active member of the UN Security Council. Britain has a responsibility to lead the way for equality.

  • Trade comes before beliefs

    1.Cultural relativism - not our place to judge what another ideology believes. 2.Trade has a clear principal, and it shouldn't be perceived as though we're supporting the prosecution of gays.. We're just there for the soul purpose of trade. Generally, trade is more important than beliefs You are also providing the government with money, which supports important things such as health care/ economic growth & stability. A government with good economic stability has a better record of health and drug use than a less economically developed country! Instead, a government which is currently making cutbacks due to a lack of money, trading with these countries could help to stop more cutbacks and give people the healthcare, protection (from police) and so on that they need. We already know what the government believe, they've recently changed the law allowing homosexual marriage so why do they need to stop trade with another country to prove that ? There's two sides to this debate! For me, the idea of trade is most significant and through doing so, creates a greater amount of prosperity for both countries involved. It is simple, good trade will improve not only each others economy but also relations and in time - humanitarian rights of the countries affected In fairness if I owned a weapon shop, for example, and I could sell to whoever I wanted, I wouldn't t sell weapons to a man who I knew was going to go and kill gay people with it. However, he could always go to a different weapon shop (another country) and buy weapons from them (trade with them) and use the weapons from there to kill gays, then the only loser would be me because he's still getting what he needs to kill gays and i haven't made money that I need for my healthcare

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