• Yes, of course

    Western education is still the best form of education, because it is the one that promotes creativity the most. And you need a mix of creativity and rigirous book training to become the most well-rounded. The more good ideas put together, the most sustainable everything will become. So yes, it would be beneficial.

  • We Are Struggling

    I do not believe promoting Western education will be beneficial for sustainability. By far, the United States, is not ahead of the game when considering education and we never have been. I believe people need to receive education and that should be promoted, but we shouldn't spread our faulty models across the world.

  • No, it would not.

    I do not believe western education is the best in the world. It would be better to have a mixture of education ideals from many different countries. Western education does have it correct with giving kids a little more freedom and fun while learning, but eastern ideals such as in Japan, have it right with a more straight forward learning stand point.

  • No, I do not think promoting Western education would be beneficial for sustainability.

    I think the idea of promoting Western education to other countries would not be beneficial for sustainability. I think other countries should be able to teach their own form of education as long as it respects the rights of every individuals. Western education is great for the west. But it does not mean it would work for others.

  • No, Western education is getting worse and worse.

    With more focus being put on state standards and testing, more strain is being put on teachers to limit and fix their curriculum to fit the requirements. As a result, there's almost no creativity or individuality being put into the classroom. That kind of education is not going to generate minds capable of solving questions of sustainability. Instead, it will create cookie-cut minds that aren't any more advanced than students decades ago. This is why America is falling behind the rest of the world.

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