• Yes it would

    Proposition eight enjoys significant popularity, in the California, the US and the World. Many people look forward to being able to vote, on such issues, as they see the governments only listening to the noise minority at the expense of the majority. Many people thought that the majority opposed it prior to the public vote, but when the silent people vote then the truth comes out. If most nations had a public vote, the left would lose all the influence in created, by scaremongering the people about the environment.

  • Never forget the religious Right.

    Proposition 8 is an important piece of legislation that was backed by the majority of people in the state of California. People tend to forget that not everyone is a far-left liberal out there. The state is actually comprised of a very large percentage of Hispanic Catholics who have a very firm belief. They would continue to vote as they did then.

  • It would not pass today.

    No, I don't think that Proposition 8 would pass today. A lot has happened in the last four years and I believe that Americans have grown as people. This will continue to happen until the vast majority of Americans supports same-sex marriage. Even today, I think that the majority of people would be against a proposal like this.

  • No, it wouldn't

    Ironically, the passing of Prop 8 has become what will be its downfall. Times are changing and they aren't doing anything but go stronger in the same direction. Time's up for people hiding behind the Bible on this one, even Bill O'Reilly has called them morons for Christ sake. Prop 8 would fail today, and it's going to get thrown out.

  • No, Proposition 8 Would Not Pass Today

    The waves of sentiment for same-sex marriages, and the recognizing of such by the “government”, has been increased due to the extensive exposure that California has given the issue with the passing of Proposition 8. Many people are now coming to an understanding, or at least should be, that the issue of equal rights under the law, as it relates to same-sex marriages, “is not” the same, nor should it be included within a moral or ethical argument over the subject. The fact of the matter is, that ALL citizens in this nation were created equal, (that is likely the most basic tenet within our constitution), and to alienate ANY citizen based on sexual orientation goes against that vital premise. Prop 8 would not, and should not be legislated today or at any other time. If you want to debate the topic from the pulpit on Sunday morning, that too is your right in this great nation.

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