Would raising the minimum legal driving age to 18 reduce the number of accidents?

  • Yes,I waited until I was 18 and it gave me the maturity I needed.

    Many teens get into car accidents, more so than adults. Two local accidents this last weekend show that. 11 teens are dead and 2 are injured, all because of stupidity. By increasing the driving age to 18, it would save money and lives. I'm a strong proponent of raising the driving age. I'm all for giving people their freedom, but not at the risk of others. Teens can't buy alcohol, cigarettes, or guns, yet they can drive a 2-ton automobile around other people.

  • i think you are all right

    the age of 16 is simply not mature enough. Why do 16 year old need to drive anyway..

  • yes

    because they have more time to think about the dangers of driving

  • Raising the minimum age of driving to 18 would prevent a large amount of accidents because younger drivers aren't as matured.

    It's simple science that the adult brain doesn't fully mature until the person is in their 20's. Raising the minimum age of driving to 18 would be a good step to furthering road safety. Many accidents are caused by careless young drivers, especially if other young people are in the car with them. Hopefully by the time they are 18 they will be responsible enough to drive safely.

    Posted by: RayEar
  • Yes, statistics show that younger drivers have more accidents.

    Absolutely, raising the age to 18 would save many lives and prevent many accidents. Statistics show that young, inexperienced drivers have a higher rate of accidents than those in older age groups. This is especially true of teenage boys. They do not have enough experience or wisdom, and sometimes,not enough self control to be good drivers.

    Posted by: NettN355
  • Raising the minimum legal driving age to eighteen will ensure that the drivers are more responsible, thus reducing accidents.

    Older people are more responsible. An eighteen year old will weigh the pros and cons of his actions. This attitude ensures good civic sense. youngsters are safe and sensible drivers. Their careful driving reduces accidents on the roads. Thus,increasing the minimum driving age to eighteen makes good sense.

    Posted by: Sk8brdrSalom
  • Yes, I do think that raising the minimum legal driving age to 18 will reduce the number of accidents as there will be older and more responsible people on the roads.

    People who are 18 and above are more mature and responsible than 16 and 17 year olds. They might drive more responsibly and less rashly which will reduce the number of accidents on the roads. So I think a minimum legal driving age of 18 is a good way to do that.

    Posted by: danoneeno
  • Yes, those extra couple of years can help as people get a little more mature and responsible.

    Raising the driving age to 18 might help a lot. When a bunch of 16 year olds are driving around together, they are very irresponsible. They don't pay attention, I believe this has been proven, they don't understand the impact their youth and lack of attention can have. They need to know the consequences that unsafe, immature driving can have. Those extra years of life an offer a bit of experience to take along on the road.

    Posted by: PinkMych
  • I believe raising the driving age to 18 would reduce the number of accidents mainly because kids are to immature to be driving at 16.

    There have been studies done that teenagers' bodies and minds are changing dramatically at the ages of 15-17, and they have many distractions and find it difficult to concentrate on one task at a time. That is why there would be less accidents if they raise the driving age to 18.

    Posted by: MycCra2ii
  • Yes, I agree because raising the age bar will mean that there will be more responsible and mature drivers behind the wheel and hence lesser accidents.

    Though there are a number of other factors other than age that causes accidents, I consider age as one of the chief factors responsible for a lot of road rage. Raising the age bar will mean more level headed people driving. We will have lesser people involved in bike racing and drunken driving on the roads. A good number of rash driving cases involve youngsters. Even another two or three years of age adds a fair degree of maturity to an individual; so the administration may try this for a few years and examine the statistics after a three year period. That will give a clear indication that this is a prudent thought.

    Posted by: SmarterTabby
  • No, It shouldn't be raised

    As I am a 16-year-old kid and have crashed a car within my first year of driving. I believe if we raised the driving age to anything above what it is it would cause more accidents. The reason why people get in fewer accidents as they age is they are used to driving. If you raise the age it would be the same thing happing but instead of 16-19-year-olds causing accidents it would be 18-23-year-olds causing them.

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  • Not all teens are immature drivers.

    Many teens can be mature for their age. There are only a few that ruin it on the rest. Many do not see the mature and responsible teens out there. This is like saying 100% of smokers die when some one says 90% of teens cause more car crashes than elders.

  • Not all teens are immature drivers.

    Many teens can be mature for their age. There are only a few that ruin it on the rest. Many do not see the mature and responsible teens out there. This is like saying 100% of smokers die when some one says 90% of teens cause more car crashes than elders.

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  • It wouldn't reduce the amount of crashes but only make it worse.

    At 18 in Australia they are legally allowed to drink. If this allowed at the same time they were allowed to drive it would be a disaster. Also it would not reduce the amount of crashes they have, only prolong it. Instead it would be better for excluded locations made for them to practice all things they might encounter before going on the road like, parking, turning, and driving in general.

  • Kids wouldn't have that extra two years in the house learning to drive.

    Usually 16 year olds live with their parents until they are around 18 and then they go to college. Therefore if kids were able to get their license when they were 18 they wouldn't be able to have their parents teach them how to drive for the 2 years that they would still be living at home. That means the 18 year olds won't have their parent helping them along because they will be at college or in an apartment. So 18 year olds will probably be worse drivers than 16 year olds which means that the car crashing rate will probably increase.

  • Older people can crash just as much.

    Lots of older people get in accidents too not just new people learning to drive. Lots of people say teens are a danger to drivers but since teens are actually just starting to drive they'll remember the safety rules of driving but, many older people don't remember the safety rules of driving on the road which is more of a danger!

  • Some teenagers have a job.

    Raising the driving age may prevent accidents for a short while but did anyone think that when we do get our license we'd still be inexperienced as a driver. Secondly some of us actually do have jobs not all teens are total airheads who think we own the world *gasp*. Third some kids go to college early requiring YOU, our parents to drive us and do you really want to do that? Nope. Don't think so

  • No, it would not.

    I'm 16, with a job. Without having my license, I would have to quit my job. Many teens are very responsible, and can handle driving. Some aren't, and same with adults. For many teenagers driving is how we get to school, and work. It saves parents time, and most find it very useful. Instead of increasing the age limit, let's just enforce all teenagers to go to driving school? And to people who say "Young drivers are inexperienced," no matter how old you are when you get your license for the first time, you WILL be inexperienced. It takes time to become experienced with driving, no matter if your 16 or 18 when you start.

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Anonymous says2013-02-28T20:40:55.087
No most 16year olds are very mature for their age
Anonymous says2013-04-15T06:09:15.403
Yeah i totallay agree with the above statment:
"No most 16year olds are very mature for their age"