Would Richard Nixon have had a successful second term if his Watergate crimes had not come to light?

  • Yes, he would have.

    He was already a fairly successful President, but Watergate brought to light a lot of the corruption running around Richard Nixon. If Watergate had never been discovered, or at least until a while after Richard Nixon was out of office, the people of the United States would probably have considered is a successful term.

  • Yes, I believe Richard Nixon would have had a successful second term

    I believe Richard Nixon was a competent president and could have accomplished many great things in his second term if the Watergate scandal never happened but once something like that happens there is no going back there was no choice but for him to resign. Regan enjoyed wide support from the American public before the scandal broke out.

  • Yes he would

    Yes, before all of this happened he was having a decent run as the president, and if he had not had all of the scandal that he had then it would have been a really good thing for the nation to have him back for a second term as president.

  • Yes, I think he would have

    It would have been good for American if it never got noticed. It caused a serious dent in our trust for the people in office. I think in time medias and such would have pushed us to the same place now,but Nixon sure did mess up. It sucks that he couldn't have won without cheating. I think would have done just fine.

  • Nixon already had difficulties.

    The Watergate scandal was not a stand-alone offense. There were other instances of political mistakes that were driving Nixon to be an unpopular president. The fact that so many people were unwilling to voice their opinion in favor of President Nixon displays the character of his presidency. He was not trusted by the populace, and involved in a very controversial conflict, just to name a few obvious indiscretions.

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