Would Roma integration implementation strategies have succeeded without Anti-Roma racism?

  • Roma Should Integrate

    The Roma people should integrate as much as possible while maintaining their traditional ways without the nomadic aspect. These nomadic traditions are what cause the most problems with mainstream Europeans as the Roma tend to interfere with modern society. There is nothing wrong with maintaining traditions so long as these beliefs don't hinder someone else's rights.

  • Yes, there would have been more success.

    Racism and oppression do sometimes force people to deal with things in a brave and intelligent way, but it is not the catalyst for success. Without oppression, the Roma would have been given the chance to succeed in whatever efforts in life they put forth without being stopped and having to jump over hurdles.

  • Roma integration implementation strategies would have succeeded without Anti-Roma racism.

    Roma integration implementation strategies would have succeeded without Anti-Roma racism. Anti-Roma is what caused the whole situation in the first place, without it there would have not been the need for the integration. They have had their fair share of upsets and problems and the transition has not been as easy as they thought it would.

  • Anti-Roma Sentiment Created Roma Integration

    Anti-Roma sentiment is what made Roma integration necessary in the first place. With that in mind, Roma integration has not been going as smoothly as people would have hoped. The persecution of the Roma people needs to be brought to an end as soon as possible to avoid more consequences.

  • Roma integration implementation strategies would not have succeedeed without anti-Roma racism.

    The tensions between the Roma and non-Roma are centuries old and very much a two way mirror. Yes, there is intense distrust and even hatred of the Roma people. The Roma people, however, have never expressed much an inclination to be integrated into non-Roma society. This is demonstrated in their own fiercely guarded culture and open distrust of those on the "outside."

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