• Vouchers would add incentive for students

    Schools are having a tough time graduating students and keeping kids in school these days. Having the opportunity to provide incentives and vouchers would allow for students to be more enthusiastic about staying and completing their education. Any school voucher that supports students doing better in school would help overall.

  • School vouchers would be good

    School vouchers would certainly produce better grades by the students. It would make schools have to compete to stay in business and teachers and administraters would have to perform highly or be shut down. This would be a great development for the students and parents in all fifty states and beyond.

  • Teachers would have to care.

    Yes, school vouchers would increase student performance, because the teachers would have to be more responsive to the needs of students. School vouchers would make it so that students could leave if the school didn't serve their needs. The public schools would respond to this and they would try a little bit harder.

  • Vouchers Do Not Equal Performance

    Vouchers undermine the collective effort to educate a community's youth by dividing scarce resources amongst supposedly competitive schools. True competition, in the traditional economic sense as being defined by having many buyers and sellers in a single marketplace, cannot be achieved because the education is not performed as a profit seeking endeavor. Because competition cannot be achieved even in theory, the practice of education should remain as a public good provided exclusively by the state.

  • Tired of vouchers

    Seems to be the right wing answer for everything. How do we improve schools, Vouchers. How do we improve health care, vouchers How about fixing the system right. You do that by allowing people to do what they do best. Teachers need to love their job in order to be most effective. We can't improve anything when our leaders do not even know what the problem is. It would help if our rich leaders visited a poor school every once in a while. This way, they could see the problems first hand. Not from blogs or polls.

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