• Yes, I think single parenting would be less of a concern if the US modeled it's welfare after Europes.

    I think that the United States could take a few lessons from Europe's welfare system that is much more generous to people such a single parents then the United States current system, however I don't see there being sufficient political willpower to be able to modify the system that dramatically here in the United States.

  • Single parenting be less of a concern if the United States modeled its welfare system after Europe's

    Single parenting be less of a concern if the United States modeled its welfare system after Europe's. I think that if we worked along the way they do many people would jhust become more accepting of the way that things are and they would not take notice of it as much.

  • Minimum living standards would lessen some of the concerns.

    Yes. I think one of the big concerns about single parents is that they often struggle to work and raise a child at the same time. This often leads to single parent children living in poverty. With a welfare system, the child is at least guaranteed enough money for the essentials of life, and so would be less of a concern.

  • The idea of single parents as welfare junkies is a conservative myth.

    The idea that single parents are largely reliant upon social welfare programs in the United States is a myth. There are many families and individuals without children who take advantage of social welfare programs as well. Also, many single parents do not require the use of social welfare and are perfectly capable of supporting themselves. Rather than modeling the system after others, the United States should work to dispel myths about welfare.

  • No, Single parenting concerns go beyond financial.

    While finances are a concern when it comes to single parents it is not the only concern. Children need support from more than one person to grow into a healthy, well-adjusted adult. One person cannot supervise and provide the emotional support and supervision a child requires as it grows into
    adult hood. Even a dedicated stay at home mom.

    It also sets a precedent that we do not want to encourage. Single parenting has become more prevalent and we should not encourage single parenting as a full time “job” for those who do not wish to work.

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