• Yes, smart highways would be a helpful invention for consumer auto safety

    Yes, smart highways that propel cars would be a helpful invention for consumer auto safety. Smart highways could not only help dramatically reduce the number of automobile accidents (if not completely eliminate them altogether) that occur every day, and therefore keep consumers safe, but also cut down on traffic. Traffic is very often a by product of automobile accidents; whether the accident itself is blocking lanes of traffic or the accident is causing 'rubber necking' with onlookers slowing down to see what happened or both! A smart highway would remove these problems and help reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

  • Yes, this would be great.

    This is actually an incredible idea, and I can't believe that I have never heard of it or thought of it before. All the rage is the self-driving cars, but this would be an absolute marvel and perhaps even easier to pull off than giving cars the capabilities to drive on their own.

  • Yes, they would be

    I think people shouldn't be driving anyway. This would solve the DUI problems of the world and help the people get to work faster and easier. If computers pushed the limit on how fast we could drive. It would not only give us a better chance to make it to work,but it would solve crashes as well.

  • It would help.

    Yes, smart highways that propel cars would be a helpful invention for consumer auto safety, because then people would not be dependent on just themselves in order to control their vehicles. Sadly, sometimes the driver is drunk and sometimes the driver is trying to drive on the ice. It would help prevent crashes.

  • Smart anything is bad for you

    The Archons create smart devices just so they could kill us off. These Archons/djinn/demons came to earth thousands of years ago and crossbred with us and created hybrid bloodlines, through these bloodlines these Archons control the world. They use smart stuff to give us cancer and kill us all,

    They also have poisoned our food and water supply.

    Their agenda is to kill 80% of the population and turn the rest into robot slaves.

    Don't use smart anything and wake up to the Archon Agenda so we can turn the earth into a paradise, amen

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