Would society be better off if we were taught Humanism in school?

Asked by: Rational_Thought
  • What's so bad about actually doing something to stop suffering.

    Definition: An outlook or system of thought attaching prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters. Humanist beliefs stress the potential value and goodness of human beings, emphasize common human needs, and seek solely rational ways of solving human problems.

    Rather than let the societal norm of pessimism toward human integrity persist, we could give society a brighter outlook on itself. Were people would be motivated to actually do something to help others simply because they want to. Rather than feel obligated to help. Or feel no need to help because "(insert deity) has a plan for them".

  • Naturally, as Humanistic Ethics without dependence on Irrational beliefs is a necessary Education for Children.

    Humanist Ethics or Care for Humans and their environment without any belief system bias will always be the best education for children.
    They are not being indoctrinated into irrationality as religions practice with their concept that all morality originates from their superhero. It is by far the most practical and pragmatic way to teach how to get along with other humans.

  • Both yes and no, humanist commandments .

    1. Only man can decide for man.
    2. You can't expect some supernatural being, or a frog to teach amoral behavior.
    3. You don't need 1 day a week to think about morality, manners, or human kindness. A man can do it everyday or no days.
    4. You don't have to honor your parents, or anybody else, you are just as smart and wise as they are!
    5. It's not nice to murder someone, unless you feel you need to.
    6. You don't have to honor marriage vows, divorce is easy, it doesn't bother the kids and why would you call it cheating to have a relationship with another human being.
    7. It's ok to vote in a government that steels the money of its workers, to support non-workers, instead of encouraging fraternal and spiritual voluntary charity programs.
    8. It's ok to lie about anything you want to lie about. You can accuse your friends and neighbors of committing crimes they are innocent of.
    9. It's ok to want everything your neighbors and family have, you can act on those desires, it will have no consequences.
    10. No one, and nothing stands above man, period.

  • Society would crumble under Humanism as the headline Philosophy:

    The reason isn't because Humanism is bad but instead because it runs a poor parallel with just about everything realistic. Humanism is a philosophy, and a wonderful one, but it isn't the penultimate form of solving problems and there are more pragmatic ethical systems and more focused ethical systems that do a better job. Basically it's too broad to be "good" in the sense of developing persons.

  • Humanism: Selfish behavior legitimized.

    Humanism preaches about how great mankind is. I say mankind sucks and can't be trusted. I say the earth would logically be better off without the human. Rational beings created weapons of mass destruction.

    Rational beings created the only weapon in the history of mankind to be able to wipe every living thing off the planet. Is there a point where science gets too dangerous for the volatile human to be playing around with? I say yes.

  • I just had to laugh at this.

    There is not a single situation, in life, that the Bible does not address. If people followed Jesus teachings, this planet would be a lot better off. I will go further and say that every act that a person does, that is harmful to individuals and society, as a whole, are counter to the teachings of Jesus.

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