Would society fair better if more individuals studied interdisciplinary work (yes) or if more well-rounded individuals worked together (no)?

  • more well-rounded individuals

    I believe academic competitions are good for students. I believe when academia falls into rote patterns that become boring and mundane then students tend to learn less. Academic competitions give students an opportunity to learn in a different format which allows a variety in the learning process and benefits the student in the end.

  • Well rounded people

    I think that if you get a bunch of well rounded people, and get them together working, they can figure out any problems that they come across, and they can get a lot of work done together. I think that this would be the best way for society to have workers.

  • We need experts.

    No, society would not fair better if more individuals studied interdisciplinary work, because we need experts. I do not care if my brain surgeon has never done anything else with his life than brain surgery, he will be an excellent brain surgeon. We need people to focus on their fields so that they can make new discoveries.

  • More Well Rounded Individuals

    I personally think that more well rounded individuals that works together can successful get the job done as for the society fair is not better for more individuals to study interdisciplinary work. I personally think that it is more well rounded individuals that works great together for the society fair.

  • Bring experts together.

    The best way for us to learn and grow is how it is done in science, and that is to bring ideas together and for people to brush shoulders. The saying that iron sharpens iron holds true for intellectualism as well. Bring well-rounded people together and each one becomes even more well-rounded.

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