Would society improve if all units of measurement were standardized to metric?

Asked by: ben_chezz
  • Metric makes sense!

    The imperial system is used by only one country on earth, the USA. The metric system does not only make more sense, but is more practical. For instance, would it be easier to measure how many metres are in a kilometre or how many inches are in a yard? My opinion is that metric is better as it is more practical.

  • It makes sense

    Metric is the most used measuring system and it became an international standard because it is an efficient system, for example 10 mm is 1 cm, 10 cm is 10 dm and so on. This efficientcy is important in engineering. America has been out of sync with international standards for too long.

  • It would be impossible

    The United States has already attempted switching to the metric system. The problem is the amount of money it would take to convert everything, also businesses would be forced to pay large amount of money to teach their workers the new system. All the tiny mechanics would also have to be converted over such as critical turbine engine components, the small nuts and bolts that hold massive structures together.

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