Would SPENCERJOYAGE14 make a good DDO president?

  • In 6 months

    Yes, SpencerJoy will make a excellent president. First of all, because the opinion picture is a pizza, who doesn't love pizza? Second because she will have 6 months to write up her points and they will be very strong and undefeatable. Spencer Joy will take DDO back to a serious debating site and give it more potential.

  • Of course. She is someone I can trust.

    Spenced is one of the most loyal and trustwrothy members on this site. I'm also running for vice president with her, which shows how much I trust her as DDO president. Also, we have a pretty strong campaign, and in 6 months, will be ready for any competition that runs along with us.

  • Yes, because he is enthusiastic.

    Yes, SPENCERJOYAGE14 would make a good DDO president, because he is very into DDO. Having a product that you believe in is the first key to any good salesmanship. SPENCERJOYAGE14 would do a quality job, and he is also a good enough writer with good English skills. He would be a good leader for DDO.

  • From what I just looked up on her, no.

    Her bio is peppered with stuff about god and the supernatural, so I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the president of the DDO needs to have critical thinking skills, something this person appears to lack. It seems most of her statements come from a place of emotion, which has no place in a debate environment.

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