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  • Sprint is terrible

    The constant merger of telecommunications is bad for consumers. It eliminates pricing competition and removes features. With AT&T and Verizon colluding on prices and features, it isn't a coincidence they cost nearly the same, raise their prices, and slash features at the same time, customers have seen their prices skyrocket while the providers impose archaic, and completely useless outside of making more money, data caps and restrictions. Sprint would do the same thing to T-Mobiles customer base by adding them to their horrible contracts.

  • No, Sprint buying T-Mobile would not be beneficial.

    No, Sprint buying T-Mobile would not be beneficial for customers. T-Mobile is a non-contract company whereas Sprint is a contract company therefore costing customers more money a month. If they buy out T-Mobile, those customers will have to sign a contract with Sprint to use their service, costing them more money.

  • It will be no good

    I think it will start out as looking beneficial but will turn into somewhat of a monopoly once they have enough people signed into their new contracts. They will make it look like their deals are more beneficial compared to the other networks but then will slam the door shut. I do not think any good can come of these big companies joining forces like this.

  • No It Won't

    I do not believe Sprint's purchase of T-Mobile will be beneficial for consumers. When these companies merge customers are often harmed. These mergers happen to protect the businesses and their profits, it does little to help the consumer and it often helps to limit competition. Consumers would be smart to speak out against this.

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