Would star trek or star wars win if there was a big battle

  • Star Trek, obviously!

    It came before Star Wars, it is Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek,Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek, and Star Trek. And also I am right because I'm Batman!

  • Nearly everyone on the other side is biased and does not know as much about ST as they do about SW.

    Before I begin, note what I've called attention to in the headline above. The people on the other side are saying things like "If you said 'yes', you have truly never seen a Star Wars movie before". Ridiculous! I actually have seen one more SW film than ST and I still believe ST would win in a battle of the two universes.

    Star Trek is much larger in scope. They have perfected travel at Warp Speed, far exceeding anything Star Wars ever had and giving them a chance to explore reaches of the universe that Star Wars characters would never get the chance to. There is such a multitude of diverse species and organisms that it's almost impossible to list them all.

  • Star Trek would win!

    I say that Star Trek would win. Star Trek has been through many galaxies and many, many, many planets. They have almost “seen it all”. If you watch Star Wars, basically everyone, except the main characters, have awful shooting abilities. Stormtroopers couldn’t find water if they jumped into a lake. Star Trek is kind of the same way, but they always have less people, and get of out the situation fast, whether it be by teleportation, or just plain Jane shooting everyone. Star Trek also has people that can understand things humans, like Captain Kirk, can’t.

    I hope that some people will find this opinion helpful in this fight between Star Trek and Star Wars!

    Thank You

  • No Star Trek would NOT win (it appears to be Yes or No for Star Trek winning)

    Star Trek would NEVER EVER WIN AGAINST STAR WARS!!! Star Trek might be cool, but 1) I am a Star Wars fan at heart 2) I have little knowledge of Star Trek but I know enough to know sufficient arguments 3) They don't have barely even CLOSE to the amount of ships the Star Wars universe has, and they are NOT even close to as advanced with weaponry and stuff 4) They don't have as much territory 5) They don't have as advanced of weapons in general 6) They can't even beat the Death Star, even with a Borg Cube belonging to the Borg the Death Star would win (check the CBUB page to see) and 7) They don't know what the Force is or how to even understand it or defend against it, and 8) They just aren't as cool anyways.


  • S t a r w a r s

    I mean have you seen Star Wars? Then. You know who would win. :)

    S T A R W A R S S T A R W A R S S T A R W A R S S T A R W A R S S T AR W A R S

  • Star Wars is superior in warfare.

    The reason why I believe Star Wars would beat Star Trek is because of how expansive the Star Wars universe really is. There are plenty of characters outside the movie that have been explained via books as well as species. Assuming that the Star Wars galaxy is united, it would destroy Star Trek in these factors

    1. Technological superiority
    There are factions in star wars that dedicate their whole society to technological advancement. There are ships that are even made 100% biologically.

    2. Numbers.
    The Yuuzhan Vong alone would outnumber the Star Trek universe.

    3. Tacticians
    Grand Admiral Thrawn, Jun Sato, Grand Moff Tarkin, Admiral Ackbar, General Roos Tarpals, General Grevious, Obi Wan Kenobi- There are many more as well.

    4. Economics
    The Star Wars universe has many untouched colonies and planets they can collect resources from whilst already having a fruitful galaxy themselves. They would be well supplied

    Lastly, just because Star Trek came first doesn't mean it is better. Your Captain Picard is no match for our fully operational Death Star!


  • Um!!!! Because its awesome and he can slice you in half with a light saber he will demallish y'all butts cuse you haters

    They can release a rancor and eat all you haters and smash y'all family's and houses the #you haters go and get your self forzen in corbonight and be held prisoner by jabba dah hut you hatters but yes they can be destroyed but it would be very very very hard!!

  • Star Wars Obviously

    Star wars would win. The Jedi have enhanced reflexes and can deflect lasers with their light sabers. They can use the force to make distance and will be almost impossible to actually get up to them. They would completely destroy them in a fight especially since Star Trek is only based in the milky way.

  • Star Wars, obviously

    I know that the people for Star Trek would say this would be biased, but it really isn't. It's not based on which series is better, it's based on technology, and if they went to battle. Star Wars has the Death Star. I mean, that by itself is OP. But also have many different types of vehicles, such as the X-wing and the AT-AT.

  • Money- wise, no

    The star wars movie with the least amount of income is still more than the star trek movie that made the most money. Surprisingly, the Empire Strikes Back made the least with worldwide sales at 534,000,000 dollars. Star Trek: Into darkness was star treks highest seller at 467,000,000 dollars. This shows which franchise has and has had the most interest.

  • To op to lose

    Starwars just has to much advanced and OP machinery and powers. Think of it if you had all the powerful Jedi Masters and Sith Badguys come together they would be unstoppable. Then not to mention what the Deathstar would do. Obliteration is all I have to say. Even if Starwars went to the StarTrek Universe StarTrek still wouldn't stand a chance.

  • Star wars is da bomb

    IF you said yes u truly have never seen a Star Wars movie before. They have freaking light sabers that cut through almost any material. Not to mention Yoda that little green midget is freaking dope am I right or am I right. Star wars also doesn't have a bunch of wierdos with elf ears.

  • Star wars will always win

    Star wars will win because they have better magic ships weapons they top star trek by over a million whoever oppose could challenge me i dare you you guys can not win star wars will stand forever and always stand forever star wars is the best even though star trek came first

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