• Gun control helps.

    I believe that stricter gun control would lead to less shootings all over the country. I believe that it is possible that the shootings in Arizona might have been stopped, delayed, or eradicated with better gun control laws in Arizona. It is a tragedy and I hope that we have better control.

  • Yes, stricter gun control would have prevented the Arizona shootings.

    Even though the gun-man has a psychological problem and he might have committed other heinous crimes with the gun he used, at least such large casualty would have not occurred if gun control was stricter. That's because he did not use an ordinary gun used for defense purposes.

  • It wouldn't matter

    Those people are mental. It wouldn't matter if we had gun control they get guns anyways. Even if it was impossible to get guns then the people that commit mass murders would try to do it with knives. That's just what would happen. People that want to commit murders will do it anyways.

  • No, the person was intent on harm.

    No, stricter gun control could not have prevented the Arizona shootings, because a person who is intent on harm will find a way to get a gun. Especially in Arizona, a lot of guns arrive from Mexico. A person who wants a gun can just get one that has been smuggled in illegally. There is no way to completely prevent guns from getting in the wrong hands.

  • Stricter gun control would not have prevented the Arizona shootings.

    The shooter is a criminal, and criminals don't follow laws. So, the laws would only be limitations imposed on non-criminals. Should a law somehow magically prevent a criminal from getting their hands on a gun, then the debate would be about stricter knife laws, stricter explosives laws, stricter poisonous gas laws, etc.

  • Stricter Gun Control Does Not Prevent Shootings

    Stricter gun control laws do not prevent public shootings, such as the one in Arizona. There have been many tragic incidences of public shootings in schools and malls recently, and while these are obsessively covered in the media, they are not influenced by gun laws. Stricter gun laws would imply that those who are mentally ill will still obtain their guns through other methods. Mental health services would be more appropriate to help deter violence in the future.

  • Stricter gun control would not have prevented the Arizona shootings.

    Stricter gun control would not have prevented the Arizona shootings. If criminals want to have guns then they will find a way to get guns. Criminals do not care about the laws or rules that the government sets and if they want to commit a crime then they are going to.

  • No gun control will not stop shootings

    I see the idea that gun control would stop shootings but the truth is it isn't true. If someone wants a gun it doesn't matter what the gun control laws are they will find one and use one. If they don't use a gun they will find a different weapon. Gun control laws may look good but will do nothing.

  • No , ,

    He would have gotten the gun illegally. Maybe if more people had guns he could have been shot before he killed all those innocent kids. And a 22lr to the head is just as deadly as a 9mm or a 5.56. If he did not have a gun he would have gotten one or used something else.

  • Gun control has absolutely no correlation to crime and gun related murders.

    I could go on and on and explain why but this guy does a much better job and it's already written. Before debating this issue any further you all really should sit down and read this first:

  • No

    If a criminal wants a gun they are going to get it. If some one wants to commit a crime with a weapon than nothing is going to stop them from getting them. The stricter that gun laws get, than the more that are bought off the black market and the more illegal ones out there.

  • No, stricter gun control would not have prevented the Arizona shootings

    Stricter gun control would not have prevented the Arizona shootings, nor any shooting for that matter. Gun control has to correspondence with lives lost by guns. I find it hard to believe that millions of Americans still fail to realize how dangerous of a society we live in, regardless of guns. In my opinion, I feel more in danger driving to the supermarket on a rainy day than I do walking into a movie theater with no gun control laws.

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