• Sometimes, a vanguard party is needed.

    Multi-party countries don't work well via common sense. There were many good dictators. Lenin, Napoleon I, Tito, Fidel Castro, Ceaser, and others. They all did something good. Not all dictators are bad. Sometimes, democracy will be corrupted, and invalid. Sometimes, it is the time for dictatorship, so that the fights end.

  • They are better fit to rule

    In a dictatorship or absolute monarchy the person who rules spends their entire life preparing, Observing, And training for the day they rule. This makes them better fit for it. In democracy it's so bipolar every for years the president changes so the veiws change. It's all a big load of bull if you ask me

  • Only in the right hands

    I won't say that a dictatorship is a good form of government, However it would be ignorant to say that nobody could justly run a dictatorship. History has proven that on some occasions it is more than helpful but crucial, Especially when you look at what Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus did for Rome. I just started a school project where I need to defend dictatorship, And before today I would agree that it is impossible, However after a little bit of research you will come to realize that it has worked. Some people have what it takes, Even if everyone else doesn't.

  • You only need a moral and financially capable leader.

    People always put forward the idea that dictators are corrupt and will always will become corrupt and in some sense this is very true the most iconic and known dictatorship is North Korea and is a terrible example, Its like me arguing to someone against democracy and bringing up Zimbabwe as an example and saying that is true for all democracies which it is clearly not. The reason dictators are useful are speed they can work and produce results this is mainly due to the lack of opposition, For example monarchies are a less extreme version of dictators but had a parliament or a minor government to limit them, Which a dictator would need as we need a balance of power in case of corruption. It also keeps and country glued together unlike multi-party democracies when people are always arguing and creating a divide. Please reply

  • A benevolent dictator can bring stabillity

    There's no finer example of a dictatorship that worked than Augustus Caesar from 31 BC- 14 AD he brought peace and prosperity to the Roman Republic and converted it into an empire and he established the pax romana which lasted for the best part of 200 years. Furthermore he transformed the city of rome from brick to marble and he introduced a police force to rome, he basically had a modern cabinet called the concillium and reintroduced roman virtues into ordinary citizens lives and made rome a functional city with a water supply that provided for a million people (this was 2000 years ago) and built public baths and recreational spaces for the ordinary citizens

  • Three words, succ, mai, dicc

    With a stong leader, and a clear goal, communism can work in any county. If deployed properly, every man, woman, and child will never have to go to sleep hungry, ever again. I dont know what else to put now, and this website for some reason didnt let me put a comma on dont and didnt.

  • Yes, in most case

    All great civilizations were founded via absolute dictatorship, democracy only works when a state is well established and both economic and social situations are already well taken care of.

    General Franco and the Spanish miracle, North Korea, Japan, china and all ancient empires were all accomplished by means of dictatorship.

  • If the leader cares about their country

    A dictatorship, specifically a benevolent dictatorship, can work much better than a democracy. With a democracy you have officials swapping in and out making it so that policies are changed repetitively. With a dictatorship you don't have this issue. Yes, dictators can be bad, but they can also be very good as we've seen throughout history.

  • I am a communist man.

    Honestly, if everyone were to think logically and with an unbiased attitude toward everything then you would be able to see that dictatorship is the way forward. A strong leader, A strong proletariat majority and the destruction of the modern bourgeoisie in every country, every state, every continent would allow the world to move onward and upward together. Strong dictatorship does not necessarily mean one man above all else, the right man in power earning and living in equality to everyone else would mean perfection.

  • Which works best.

    Most people are quick to shut down Dictatorship, because it sounds bad, and because it is not what most people want. This debate however, is over which works best. For those of you who are classically learned, Plato in "Plato's Republic" who some argue is one of the founders of our Democracy said himself that Dictatorship (tyranny) is the most effective form of government. When one person has all the power and no one cans top him that is the most effective. NO OTHER FORM OF GOVERNMENT CAN DO MORE IN AS LITTLE TIME. Look at what Hitler acccomplished. By no means do I condone Hitler, or his actions, but he killed 6,000,000 Jews and no one could stop him. When a dictator is in control it is most effective. A democracy is WAY TO SLOW. There ARE checks and balances, nevertheless this is why it is the most SECURE government and the least EFFECTIVE Government. That's why the Germans were so successful at the beginning of WW2. It was because they had a dictatorship (as did the Japanese btw) and while America, Great Britain and the entire world were debating Hitler was doing things.

  • You mean like North Korea?

    Well, you want to know an example of strong dictatorship? Look at North Korea. Hundreds of thousands of people in forced labor camps, entire families executed just because one of them had a difference of opinion on public policy. Millions starving to death. Does that sound better to you than democracy? God, I hope not.

  • "Logically"? No... "poorly informed".

    This "fair" dictator you speak of is not possible, at least not in the way you want to think. It is psychologically impossible to truly be fair at all times... When, to be a good dictator, you'd have to be fair... *all the time*. How many times a day do we humans think ridiculous things, or say them? When your word is law, you can't do that. Ever. Otherwise... Pineapple on pizza might get banned. And that'd be absurd.
    Democracy demands a level of reasoning, and popular opinion. It's fair, because the real power lies in the hands of the citizens. This means, if trouble befalls them politically, it's no one's fault but their own. One person who got this position because their dad was hot stuff gets to randomly decide "I think we should ban the word 'muffin'." just because "Why not?". Even if such a "perfect" dictator existed, this utopia would only last until he was replaced.

  • A strong dictatorship would not work better than democracy.

    In history, dictatorships have usually ended in disaster. Democracy is a better system because it has checks and balances. Also, if the people do not approve of the government's work, they can elect new officials. In a dictatorship, there are no such safety features. Dictators have too much power in the government.

  • Dictatorship Doesn't Work

    Dictatorships do not work because the dictator always abuses their power, as is human nature. A strong dictatorship would not work better than a full-fledged democracy. Thinking anything otherwise is a mistake, and democracies almost always outperform dictatorships. After a person realizes this, they can proceed with the correct knowledge.

  • Depends on the dictator

    The classic archetype of the benevolent dictator is present in so many stories throughout history, but in reality, dictators are a mixed bag that are usually negative. For every Tito (Yugoslavia, who kept the country together almost single-handedly) there is a Castro, or a Stalin. Democracy might not be the best course in a given year, but it yields the best results in the long run.

  • In General No.

    Hypothetically, if you had the perfect leader who was strong and was "fair" to his/her citizens then it might be able to work. However, that is the ideal and the reality is often far from that ideal. One of the reasons why the US and other democracies are a magnet for people from non-democratic countries is that they can enjoy a freedom that they've never had. Also, there are checks and balances on leaders so that if the leader abuses his/her power, there are steps in place to remove the leader if need be. In a dictatorship, no such conditions apply and the leader is free to do as s/he pleases.

    Another part of a democracy is that there is a lengthier process for passing/changing laws. The lengthier process allows for debate of the proposed laws or changes and the ability to analyze the effect of the proposals. Under the dictatorship such a process doesn't occur and are subject to the whims of the ruler. For example, one day a ruler can decide that everyone must wear hats. The next day, the ruler can make wearing hats illegal.

  • Strong dictatorship would not work better than democracy.

    In general, dictators tend to be corrupt because power is corrupting. There have not been many historical examples of dictators who have been good to their people. Democracy, with checks and balances and elected representatives, is a much better system than dictatorship. Democracies do not fight wars against each other, but dictators do.

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