Would stronger computer hacking laws reduce the number of cyberattacks?

  • It does matter

    I think proper netiquettes are the main factor that can save u . We all should take precautions judges shouldn't hesitate to give punishment to such cyber bullies . It's time for them to get scared and before bullying they should think a hundred times. I hope we learn the new ways of the new generation.

  • Yes, I think stronger hacking laws would reduce the amount of cyber crime.

    I feel that there are too few laws and regulations on cyber crime in today's society, it's still very much up in the air and lawless, I feel the Government needs to come out and strong and make it known that cyber crime is not tolerated and those that participate in it will be punished.

  • They can deter crime

    Cyber criminals can be either deterred through major penalties, or prevented from executing their plans of attack if there are safeguards in place. The potential damage caused by cyberattacks is great enough that these sort of laws are warranted to be in place. In this new age, new laws are necessary.

  • People don't care.

    No, stronger computer hacking laws will not reduce the number of cyber attacks, because people do not care about the consequences when they decide to commit crime. In any event, white collar crime is not taken seriously, and judges hesitate to put people in jail for a long time unless they make someone bleed.

  • No stronger laws would not prevent this.

    Stronger computer hacking laws would not reduce the number of cyberattacks. Many of hackers are "anti-government" and they don't pay attention to the laws. If they are going to commit an act of crime, increasing the sentence of the punishment will not prevent them from committing the crimes they were already going to do.

  • No, stronger hacking laws would only cause hackers to get more creative.

    No, hackers are obviously in the art of thinking outside the box. Stronger laws would only force them to come up with a more creative way to hack computers without a trail. The laws almost act as a shovel digging a hole that only helps the hackers get that much more precise.

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