Would students be better disciplined if schools practiced corporal punishment?

  • Bad ass kids need spanking

    All over the country kids are disrespectful to authority (teachers) you'll see kids hit teachers all the time and these teachers cant do anything and well I hope I speak for everyone we are talking about a little spank on the hand no more it wont cause mental effects hard spanks on the ass and face causes mental effects and those actually happen in private places ( home environment ).

  • Yes it works

    You can get paddled at my school and it does make you think what the consequences are for acting up in class or breaking the rules. I have been sent to the office and gotten swats with the paddle and it taught me there are consequences for misbehaving and to try to make better choices in future.

  • Corporal punishment would create fear of doing wrong.

    If corporal punishment was practiced in schools, then students would know that there is a threat of physical harm to them if they disobey certain rules. If there is only minor punishment for rule infractions, then there is very little benefit to obey the rules when a student desires to break them.

  • No, corporal punishment does not belong in schools.

    Any type of physical discipline should not be allowed in the public school system. Corporal punishment of a student should only occur under the restrained discretion of a parent, either at home or, with restricted use, in a private school of the parents' choice. Corporal punishment should never be harsh or given in anger.

  • Corporal punishment has more negative effects than good ones.

    Spanking, or corporal punishment, promotes violence as a result of anger. It can also have negative long-term mental effects on children. Furthermore, many parents do not believe in the practice of corporal punishment, and schools should not have the authority to act against those values, especially when doing so may have long-term negative effects on children for which parents will ultimately be responsible in seeking treatment for their children.

  • Don't Spank Students

    Corporal punishment in schools is a bad idea because it teaches students that violence is the right response to misbehavior. How is a student supposed to learn to keep his own temper under control if he sees teachers hitting students? Students should instead be punished for misbehavior with detention and with having to make things right.

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