• Yes, we need to look into other ways of generating power.

    We do need to start looking into other ways to generate power. However, it's important for those who are researching how to do it that they also worry about the environment. As an example, wind power can be dangerous to birds, who can fly into the. This is being worked on, in an effort to reduce fatalities. If alternate power sources like solar and wind can be developed to be safe, then they definitely could be beneficial to society, because they are cleaner forms of energy.

  • Subsidizing wind and solar power is beneficial to the society

    Subsidizing wind and solar power is beneficial to the society. There are so many benefits to using wind and solar power, one of the benefits is clean energy. Whenever our society invests time and money to fuel wind, solar or water energy, it is investing in our future for tomorrow. Clean energy is always beneficial to society.

  • Yes, Subsidizing solar and wind power would be beneficial to society.

    Solar and wind power are both clean and safe ways to generate electricity. There is no risk of pollution. In nuclear power there is a risk that if an accident or disaster occurred and the plant was damaged radiation would leak out into environment thus endangering the health of humans and animals.

  • Subsidies are necessary.

    Government subsidies allocated to renewable and clean energy aren't just beneficial to society, they are a necessity. The resources are going to run out someday, and we need a way around that. Also, this is a great jobs creator. Every technological revolution is, at least temporarily. These subsidies would be perfect.

  • That is inefficient.

    No, subsidizing solar and wind power would not be beneficial to society, because we should not be subsidizing energy that is inefficient. If energy is not produced at a cost that is sustainable on its own, we should use other energy. As solar and wind power becomes efficient, people will want to use it on their own.

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