Would surveillance cameras lead to a safer public environment?

  • Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear

    Lets see...
    99% of crimes are committed because the criminal committing them thinks they are going to get away with it.
    There's no a whole lot of grey area here...
    If you're against criminal activity, you should be in favor of more surveillance.
    People would be incapable of getting away with lies if there were cameras everywhere.

  • It does help lol

    It helps because it can help describe a criminal and give investigators an idea of who they are looking for, they can also help stop small crimes in stores such as stealing a pack of gum;) it can also scare some people away from that building and PREVENT them from going in there to do a crime

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  • I'm in favor of the sense of security they provide.

    They don't disturb privacy when you are in a public area in plain view. Surveillance can catch criminals and would-be offenders are unable to determine whether they are being recorded and may refrain from criminal activity. Video surveillance is often used in investigations. There are several sources with decreasing crime rates after the installation of video surveillance.

  • Safety should be our main priority

    They keep people safe, and when something bad does happen, the police or proper authorities can identify the problem and cause. Without cause and effect from the cameras, there would be chaos and disorder and no crimes would be solved. Even fire fighters can use the cameras, like to identify if a fire in a public place was started by a person, faulty electric wires or something inside the place. WE NEED THEM!!!!

  • Crime, justice, liberty

    The cameras catch the criminals and help PROVE people's innocence or if their guilty. It leads to a more stable, fair trial. It is proof because it records things as they are. ONLY AS THEY ARE. A camera cannot lie. If people know that there are cameras around, then they know that they WILL be caught, so they don't commit the crime because they don't want to be arrested. It adds to the justice in the courts. Instead of having the lucky lawyer who can prove your case by twisting words and arguing, the cameras give you the truth point blank, and there is no luck of the draw. People who deserve to be punished won't be pardoned, and people who deserve to be pardoned won't be punished.

  • Security can supply more safer

    In a world of growing security threats, ever cheaper technology and general unease, it is a truism that surveillance has become more widespread. From street corners to department stores, not to mention banks, airports and casinos, there is often -- perhaps even usually -- a video camera watching and recording.

    Security can supply more safer.In generally, a bad man cant' do somethings in a security camera.CCTV is the medicine that cures criminals, rather it helps catch them.Skycneye.Com supple hd cctv camera.

  • The advancement of surveillance cameras is necessary in our dynamic and ever changing world.

    Despite the concern for privacy, surveillance cameras are a very effective crime fighting and security monitoring tool. Surveillance cameras can be found at university campuses, schools, homes, airports, ATM's, parking lots and anywhere deemed necessary. The use of cameras has led to a decrease in robberies, shoplifting, vandalism and drug trafficking. As law abiding citizens we must accept surveillance cameras to our ever changing world.
    Annie, (2013)

  • It provides a peace of mind for the community

    Knowing that there are cameras catching all the bad guys, you can step outside and feel safe to do your own thing, and it allows for a safer and vibrant community. It stops you from making the wrong choices, and it sure as hell stopped me from stealing things and getting a fine. It makes the world a happier place.

  • They help keep us safe.

    Safety is our number 1 priority. Nothing comes between keeping ourselves and our families safe. Yolo (You only live once). Security cameras also help catch criminals and put them away. We owe that to our society. Security cameras save lives, it proven, its common sense. My name is Jonny and I approve this message.

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  • No they do not

    They definitely will not. All they will catch is thieves stealing small things like a pack of gum or a bag of chips. If a criminal does something bad like murder they will wear a mask if they are smart. This is why security cameras will not make the public a safer place whatsoever.

  • They invade privacy and only deter petty crimes

    Security cameras will do more harm than good in the long run especially in a free democratic country. The real professional dangerous criminals who do violent armed robberies simply use masks to defeat the camera. They might catch a few petty thieves or shoplifters and scare the average law abiding citizen to not get out of line for minor infractions but they promote a nanny society and police state. A democratic society must have freedom and privacy rights even in public places. Our privacy rights are more important than catching a petty shoplifter stealing a bag of potato chips or some teens smoking marijuana with a security camera. Let us use good old fashioned police officers walking a beat and a few plainclothes police officers and detectives patrolling the area to deter crime and catch criminals.

  • A surveillance video just shows what they've done

    We need privacy, we don't want to live in a world where we're being watched every 5 seconds. A surveillance video just shows actually doesn't catch the culprit and on the internet, most people caught on CCTV cameras don't actually get caught in the end. It's rather just a methapor.

  • They only taunt criminals.

    No matter what anyone does in order to stop crime, there will always be people with the mindset of a criminal. As the technology to capture them gets more advanced, they will just have to work harder to get around them. If anything, it will make them smarter an harder to catch. It is like telling a child NOT to eat candy after school. They will automatically do it. Whereas, if you don't say anything, they will most likely not think of it.

  • CCTV is used to solve rather then prevent.

    CCTV = is reactive not proactive.

    I work with CCTV every day, criminals think they are smarter then any security system that is watching them and some think that no one is watching them and most of the time no one is. CCTV is mostly only reviewed when something happens, hence being reactionary, the video is then reviewed. On the rare chance someone is monitoring the CCTV when something happens, it's still reactive and not preventative.

    The other point is that is everything is monitored, the criminal will still try their luck. They don't stop being a criminal. That like saying. CCTV is the medicine that cures criminals, rather it helps catch them.

    All security is a mixture of both preventative to try and stop bad things from happening and reactive to solve the bad things that happened.

    I'm really appalled that 81% of people actually think that cctv systems actually prevent crime.

  • Placing surveillance cameras is no guarantee that crime can decrease, because they do not address the root of the problem.

    The underlying socioeconomic problems that lead to crime need to be solved before a reduction in crime can occur. Placing surveillance cameras in public provides little guarantee that crime can be prevented. Many public places already utilize surveillance cameras, but they are still subject to crimes, like robbery.

    Posted by: IgnorantCraig79
  • I've yet to see them do anything.

    I've never seen a surveillance camera actually help get something done immediately. They help spot bank robbers, but the bank has already been robbed and some people have possibly already been wounded. A safer public environment is created by people. It is a matter of being a good person and trusting that others will do the same.

    Posted by: baarammulan
  • Security Camera's only lead to the capture of said criminals, not to deter them.

    They are easy to get around, disable, and general make worthless. Furthermore they lead to a feeling of being in a nanny state and turn common citizens against the government.

    Posted by: StormGra
  • Surveillance cameras cannot make all public areas safer because there can never be enough

    Surveillance cameras may make an area safer, but the crime will just move away from the camera. There can never be enough cameras to prevent crime because there cannot be enough people watching the cameras.

    Posted by: EmmeAnguris

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