• Yes, term limits would encourage cooperation

    One of the biggest problems our system of government faces is that being a politician has become a career rather than a public service. The incumbent re-election rate for members of the House of Representatives stands at around 85 percent. Term limits would also lessen the impact of special interests, and encourage members of Congress to vote their conscience rather than the party line

  • Term limits will help reduce gridlock in Congress

    Not only are term limits a good idea, it's something that must absolutely be implemented. Holding Congressional office has morphed into what was once a sense of duty and privilege to a way of life for far too many who have no interest in moving the country forward, but maintaining a strong grip on power.

  • Yes, term limits would help reduce gridlock in Congress.

    Term limits would help reduce gridlock in Congress because senators and representatives would not be able to become career politicians. If members of Congress had term limits, they would have a shorter time to enact meaningful change so they would be more likely to work faster on new legislature. This would inspire them to make the most of their time in Congress to give them a shorter chance to build a good record of what they accomplished.

  • Definitely. If there were term limits gridlock would stop

    If there were term limits the nation's lawyers wouldn't be able to just plant themselves in Congress and collect a paycheck for doing minimal work. The will of the people would be taken more seriously because members of Congress would have to go get a regular job like the rest of us. This would keep them from losing touch with what regular people go through day in and day out, as they struggle to make ends meet.

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