Would the British have taken Washington, D.C. if there hadn't been a freak storm?

  • Freak storm saves D.C. from British

    Although the War of 1812 was a strange episode in the histories of Britain and the U.S., a freak tornado saved Washington D.C. from falling into British hands. In `1814, two years into the war, the United States was on the ropes against her foe. There were bungled attempts to invade Canada and Britain had more resources at her disposal since the war with France concluded.As Britain invaded D.C. and burned many public buildings, the storm hit, extinguishing the fires.

  • Storm caused all the problems

    The British would have taken Washington D.C. if there had not have been a freak storm. The British were left unprepared and could not combat the weather leaving them weakened and unable to capturecapture Washington. Had the weather been ore accommodating, the British would surely have been able to capture the land.

  • Theyneeded a natural disaster to get in.

    Most countries wait until their is a natural disaster to help them weasel their way into the area that they are getting into. The citizens and government is too busy trying to figure out what to do about what Mother Nature has done to them to even realise they've been invaded.

  • Not strong enough

    The British army was not strong enough to take Washington, D.C. Because they didn't have a better army than the U.S. At that time. Considering that the British army had also lost numerous battles throughout the war because of the military leader: Andrew Jackson. One reason that they could have taken it though was because they were pushed up too far into the U.S. Territory

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