• There are solid numbers to back this up

    If the United States government starts the guest worker program this will help the economy. The reason why is it gives an active way to collect taxes form the illegal immigrant community. The extra tax monies which are collected can feed into the government and thus be spent on social programs that help the nation as a whole.

  • The creation of a guest worker program for illegal immigrants would help the U.S. economy.

    It would benefit the United States economy if there were a legal guest worker program. There are some jobs that are necessary that native Americans refuse to do, but which are necessary none the less. If migrant workers could do these jobs, it would benefit companies and consumers in America.

  • Yes, a guest worker program would help the economy.

    I think that the creation of a guest worker program for illegal immigrants would help the United States economy. I think that if done correctly, then a guest worker program can be beneficial. But it is important that a guest worker program doesn't sacrifice American workers here in the states.

  • Guest worker programs already exist.

    Since the H1B visa program already exists, what need is there for yet another program to allow employers to bring in low-cost employees to beat down the wages of existing US jobs? The H1B program is already used to justify bringing in educated immigrants doing jobs that US citizens are willing to do, but not at the parsimonious wages offered by the corporations involved, who get a slave whom they can abuse with virtual impunity and then threaten with deportation if they complain.

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