Would the crime rate involving guns go down if we enacted tighter gun control laws?

  • Yes, if the U.S. as a whole enacted tougher gun laws, gun crimes would decrease.

    Many opponents of gun control laws point to cities with strict gun control legislation where gun crimes are rampant and say that such examples prove how ineffective gun control legislation is. However, this is false. Gun crime continues to happen in cities because people obtain guns from areas without such laws and then import them into the city. If the entire U.S. had strict gun control laws, there would be fewer guns available, and gun crime would thus decrease. Of course, crimes committed with other weapons, such as knives and crossbows, might increase.

  • Yes it would

    I believe it would go down in the United States because if there are thousands of guns in the UNITED states and the guns will go down people would notice how much better the United States would be with less gunshots and guns the guns are mostly killing people and that’s not good the United States deserves better

  • Tighter gun control laws will reduce gun crime.

    I believe tighter gun control laws would reduce gun crimes. Countries with tighter gun control laws experience a lower rate of gun crimes. People argue that criminals do not follow the law anyway, but tighter gun control laws would reduce the amount of guns in circulation and encourage more responsibility in legal owners of guns.

  • Well, yes and no. But mostly no.

    Alright, hear me out; So, making it harder for law-abiding citizens to acquire firearm(s) makes them defenseless targets for criminals with malice intent. HOWEVER, (here's that "yes" part I was talking about) there should still be a rigorous background check and a paper test regarding safe handling, storing, and carrying of said firearm(s).
    So, no it wouldn't go down, in fact it might go up. But to help prevent the rate increasing, there should still be prerequisites for purchasing a gun.

  • If we're talking about the USA here, then no.

    Guns are deeply rooted in the history of the USA and are a massive part of the culture whether you are a gun owner or not. There is such a high quanitity of firearms in circulation in the USA that tightening gun control laws, whilst it may result in some damage limitation, will not cause a decrease in "crime involving guns".

  • Gun control laws may limit crime, but by a very tiny fraction

    There are some crimes that could be prevented from tighter laws, but by doing so, you make it more difficult for people with guns to protect themself. Also, nearly all crimes that have been commited involved guns that were illegally obtained. What we need right now is the stopping of these criminals and their supplier by letting certain people be properly trained in gun usage and let them handle guns

  • No, criminals will still get guns.

    Most guns used in gun-related crime were not purchased legally. Tighter gun control laws only hurt those citizens who abide by the law and go through the proper channels to get a firearm. Criminals are unaffected by tighter gun control laws because they work outside of the confines of the law and there is already a large number of illegal weapons in circulation.

  • No, the crime rate involving guns would not go down if tighter gun control laws are enacted.

    The Cato Institute, a think tank in Washington, D.C., reports that states with less restrictive gun laws have a 24 percent lower crime rate involving guns specifically and a lower violent crime rate overall. This is particularly true in the majority of U.S. states that permit people to carry a concealed weapon.

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