Would the discovery of life on other planets disprove the existence of God?

  • The bible and fact

    The bible states God created earth etc (I'm typing on a phone), and that's going back to a basic level, ignoring the fact that the bible doesn't include the existence of over 99.9% of other species that have existed and exist on this planet... This planet is special in the sense of habiting life, and if we found another planet with life, that would truly show how insignificant we really are on a grand scale and should show us how significant we should be (in a good way) to each other..
    But religious fundamentalists will find a way to paraphrase the bible into meaning something else...
    "There's proof we are not in a geocentric universe" "It's a metaphor for gods creations" ... Yeah, okay

  • God did not make man - Man made up God

    We need to grow out of the silliness of man made gods and ask a grown up question, like why is there the need to believe in an invisible, unprovable entity? When certain primates try to persuade other primates to adopt ‘faith’ in an invisible unprovable entity, and disregard facts, the ramifications for society (as history has shown) is death in the name of! It is staggering how many perfectly intelligent people from all walks of life and faith genuinely purport that they know the mind of their invisible unprovable entity, and claim that they know what ‘he’ wants! It is ridiculous tyrannical ideology that is the root of the problem that debates like this exists. We should all be intelligent enough and humble enough to say - we don't know what's out there or how it got started, but let's embrace Science to find out what we can without killing each other in the name of our chosen man made God

  • Life would denounce modern day christian beliefs, but not disprove God.

    Jesus was a human, and according to man his only begotten son. Therefore; it might not disprove a God like figure, but it would denounce all and any modern day catholic, baptist and or Lutheran (Enter all not mentioned here) beliefs, I mean decimate, there goes your eternal life for just believing in Jesus Christ; then would those other life forms not have eternal salvation like promised? Or are they incapable of sin? It might prove evolution, but, we as human prove evolution compared to where we started. Animals prove evolution theories just by there mere existence and difference from earlier versions of that species. It would be very possible that life evolved on other planets or that God would not tell us of those other life forms as there would be no point and would ultimately interfere with free will. However, truly God created all life in the universe not just earth, I find it hard to believe that in as vast and numerous as universe is, that all of those planets (Just because its inhabitable for humans doesn't mean life can't evolve to those conditions) that we are the only of our kind.

  • I firmly believe it would

    Lets say God did create all the known and unknown universe and created all living things within it. If we were to stumble across another race of intelligent life, Human nature would be to "compete" with this race for the love of god, it would lead to Jealousy and hate between the 2 races and even all out war (Don't believe me? Look at our own history)
    Therefore if there were a god there would only be the Human race Stands to reason that if there were extra terrestrial life there is a good chance that evolution is the true path of existence

  • Yes it does

    God created life on earth, so if there is life on other planets then who created them? Even if it is Microscopic life, life is life. Therefore any kind of life would immediately disprove religion of any sorts. Although some people might not accept it, it is the truth and it says nothing about life on other planets in the bible.

  • God supposedly created life ON EARTH

    If there was life on other planets, who would've created it? Would they also have a "Jesus"? Notice that these things aren't mentioned in the Bible. Although this information alone doesn't disprove the existence of a god, it certainly brings to light a major flaw. To me, the many unknowns and fallacies that surround the theory of the existence of a god make it hard to believe in.

  • The Bible describes man as having dominion over all other species

    If other intelligent life exists, then the biblical view of man as being unique in his intelligence because falsifiable. According to the the well known "black swan problem," if you have only observed white swans, that does not mean that all swans are white, and that black swans do not exist.

  • Only if they believe too.

    If there are aliens on other planets, and if a god truly does exist, then they all must have a general belief of what we believe. For example, if we find a planet that believes all life started because of a flying spaghetti monster, another that believes we evolved but never found one planet that knew of a Jesus or a god then either we're wrong, or they are. God apparently created all life, if so many people on earth believe this, then shouldn't alien life believe it too?

  • Choices are everything.

    If I was trapped and had nowhere else to go I would believe in God because I would blame/praise a supreme being or 3rd party. This is because once I can move I have options and choices so I can move out of the way of any threat like an asteroid. But if I don't have that choice then I am trapped and can't be held responsible for any of my choices as I have none and so anything that happens to me was not my fault as I didn't have a choice..

  • The issue is origin of species.

    Without acknowledgment of other species our origin is one in many. Pause. This means it is not one origin but many and is then not an origin, like one line but two. Or aliens are just not mentioned, but this is not possible as God created them and so leaving them out means they have a different Bible from us, so the Bible is simply not the truth or is just a manual.

  • It might endorse it

    Finding extraterrestrial life, especially intelligent life would only disprove the traditional notions of God and one-world theologies, but it would not prove that God does not exist. It might even endorse God's existence. If God created the universe, Earth and life on Earth, then he is capable of creating life elsewhere in the cosmos.

  • No, the bible never mentions alien life, but that does not indicate that it doesn't exist.

    The bible never mentions North America, because it was unknown and the technology for Trans-Atlantic voyages wasn't invented yet. The same could be said for the discovery of extra-solar planets, they existed in biblical times but the ancients lacked the tools to see them.
    Beware of Chrono-Centrism, The belief that cultures of the past were ignorant and stupid.

  • Life elsewhere doesn't disprove God

    I consider myself a Christian and a firm believer of God. However like God I also admire Science and all its glory. For our species to continue to thrive for at the least another millennium, Science plays the biggest part in achieving this. It is my belief that God gave us this Knowledge to understand the universe and to develop technologies in order for us to survive (be Fruitful and Multiply). But I do agree that finding intelligent life out there in the vastness of the Universe would contradict certain areas of the bible. But disprove God? No Way! It annoys me how Science and Religion conflict each other when they are very much alike. In the Beginning(TIME) God created the Heavens(UNIVERSE) and the Earth(MATTER). The Atom: Electron(FATHER) Proton(SON) Neutron(SPIRIT). The Universe has such an elegance about it, symmetry is seen everywhere to which gives the impression of a designer. Not to mention that the probability of stars and galaxies forming after the Big Bang to support life in the Universe would be like flipping a coin a quadrillion times and it landing on heads every time! If we were to find an intelligent civilisation within the Cosmos and it would be very likely that they also believe in Supreme Deity that created them and the Universe and that they also have knowledge of Science then that should be all the proof anyone needs. Faith is right in the core of ones self. It's a gut feeling no matter how much it maybe questioned. That in my opinion is either our Soul or the Almighty himself presenting himself within us.

  • No, life elsewhere does not disprove God

    I consider myself a Christian and very much a believer of God. However like God I also admire Science in all it's glory. In my opinion for our species to survive at the least another millennium Science plays the main role in order for us to achieve this. But it does annoy me how Science and Religion conflict one another when I believe they are in fact very much one and the same. In the Beginning(TIME) God created the Heavens(UNIVERSE) and the Earth(MATTER). The Atom: Electron(FATHER) Proton(SON) Neutron(SPIRIT). But I do agree that if we were to find an intelligent species somewhere out there then it would very much contradict certain areas of the bible but to disprove God and Christianity entirely? I don't think so! Especially if this hypothetical alien species believed in a supreme being that created them and the whole of the Cosmos, which I think is very likely! This would only give more proof to the existence of God. But most of us don't need proof. We have a faith which is a gut feeling within us. This is either our soul or the ALMIGHTY himself.

  • Speaking as a someone who doesn't believe in God, life on other planets wouldn't disprove God

    I am an atheist so I obviously don't believe in God. Despite being an atheist however, I know religion pretty well. I also know you don't have to be religious to believe in higher beings (most people are but I think that's more out of a sense of comfort and tradition than anything). You can be a theist without being Christian or Jewish or whatever.
    If we were to find life on other planets (or life from other planets were to find us), it WOULD disprove every religion created to date. But that makes sense. I mean most of society now disproves (or at least disapproves of) most religions. And you can disagree or agree about that.
    But the truth is that if we found another planet with alien life (even if it's just microscopic), God could still exist. In some form or another, there still could be some all powerful being that (and I don't say "who" because it anthropomorphizes God) created the universe and all life in it. It just means religion is false.
    And I'm sure if we did find life in the universe, there would be a new religion that began with it's own space god and new set of rules. And all the religions that currently exist would either crumble (like most forms of Paganism did when "God" was introduced), accept this new life and laugh awkwardly about how they always felt that way (like Christianity did when the Church realized how society felt about slavery), or become even more stubborn and treat these new life forms (or anything associated with them) like trash (like the KKK- which I realize isn't a religious group, but do you really think there is a single Atheist or Jew or Muslim a part of it?).

  • God and Life

    I could really go into the depth on this topic, but I feel it would be wasted. I'll keep it short and to the point. It is not stated anywhere in the Bible that we are His only creation. In fact, it states that he created the entire universe and everything in it. Also, what are the parameters to the term "life" here? Microbial? Earth-like? Other life forms wouldn't disprove our all powerful Creator.

  • The Bible does not say God created only humans.

    The Holy Bible tells us in the beginning God created the earth and everything in it. It tells us he created the land and the oceans. It tells us God created the sun and the moon, the light and the darkness, and the stars and everything we can perceive. It tells us we should worship God and his only begotten son, Jesus. The Bible never tells us he ONLY created everything listed previously. The main point of the Bible is to teach us he created us and we should worship him. I believe God didn't find it important for us to know of everything he may or may not created nor how exactly he did. For instance, in the beginning of Genesis the Bible uses just a few sentences to tell us he created everything. I think God only felt the need to tell us the he was the Supreme creator and we should worship him. I think any answers we seek will be revealed to us when we get to heaven.

  • God is real

    God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God is very much real. You can't prove that wrong with. To be honest I'm just trying to get enough words in

  • God is real

    God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God God is very much real. You can't prove that wrong with. To be honest I'm just trying to get enough words in

  • It would not disprove the existence of a God.

    I will start out by saying, God in Genesis created the earths and heavens and everything in them. It doesn't state anywhere that this is his only creation. Obviously as a Christian I believe God created the entire universe. Not just the earth, as all religious people would. With that being said, God didn't say that we were his only creation anywhere. If we find other intelligent life where we can possibly communicate with them then we can interact and see what their beliefs are but most definetly it would not disprove a truly omnipotent God. Look at the nature of God and it's clear to know that people will try to take down the bible by saying it never contradicts but they don't take it like to should.

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