Would the early feminists be against modern feminism?

Asked by: jjohnmusic11
  • There's no way

    If Feminism was ever about equality that is - with everything going on lately, I'm starting to have my doubts. Though a look at real feminists (yes, those still exist here and there) helps to clear it up, feminism in its original form, and what it's used as a disguise for now are entirely different things.

    The balance between genders has been long since pretty much equalized, if not even turned into imbalance the other way, yet "modern feminists" not only do not wish to see it, buy flat out deny it. Not once did they see a reason for concern on the male side of things, brought even a single thing up, or showed any concern, but they also turned the ideology that's supposedly about equality into a sort of club for male hate and elitism, saying men still have extreme privilege, and saying that pretty much no matter how they keep tilting the balance of strength, men will still have more, even if at this very point in time they already seem to be searching for those "privileges" with a magnifying glass, or maybe even a microscope. I very much doubt the original feminists would find anything in common with the "feminists" today

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