Would the economy be better off without MBA students?

  • Yes, fewer MBA students would help the economy

    Yes, I do believe that the economy would be better off with fewer MBA students. I believe that students should be out doing things related to economic development, such as investments and stocks, instead of sitting in a classroom learning about theories. Only when there are hands-on practices through doing can the economy actually improve.

  • No, of course not.

    The economy would not be better off with MBA students or any kind of students. MBA students are not contributing to the ills of the economy, in fact, they should be helping fix them with all their knowledge. But to say that the economy would be better off without MBA students is simply a prejudicial statement.

  • Let americans make their own mistakes....

    How do you learn? By making mistakes.... So, even if it is a mistake to have too many MBA students, we will learn from it. They will learn about the fact that they have no job, because too many other qualified students who graduated in a higher percentage of the population took it. Also, any type of major which relies heavily on dwelling in theories and possibilities is good. Sometimes we don't need hands on action. Let the stupid people be hands on while taking instructions from a thinker/planner.

  • No, I do not believe the economy would be better off without MBA students.

    I don't believe the economy would be better if fewer students were seeking MBA's. Everyone has a right to education, and at the MBA level, the government is not footing much of the bill like at the undergrad level. That MBA student could turn out to be the person who comes up with the plan or idea that proves key to solving our economic problems.

  • No, the economy would not be better off without MBA students.

    I do not see any higher education as dampening the weak economy. The more education a society pumps into an economy, the more likely it is to succeed in my opinion. I don't know why someone would think the economy would be more successful with less educated people, particularly in the area of business.

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