Would the eradication of mosquitoes solve our problems?

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  • Mosquitos are important in the food chain.

    The eradication of mosquitoes would not solve our problems. This is because there is probably another species of animal that eats mosquitos and has them as a primary source of food. If mosquitos are all eradicated, then the other animal would most likely be killed of too. And if this animal has an important role in the food chain, humans are in trouble.

  • No, we might be worse off

    The eradication of mosquitoes might solve some problems, but
    it would cause others. The biosphere is a whole, and mosquitoes play their part
    in it. Up to half the birds that migrate to the Arctic each spring might die
    without mosquitoes to eat. Many species of fish could go extinct without mosquito
    larvae to eat. Amphibians and reptiles feed on mosquitoes as well. Other insects
    might become these animal’s food sources, or not. The real answer is that scientists
    do not know what would happen if they eliminated all mosquitoes.

  • It would not.

    The eradication of mosquitoes would not solve any of our problems. While they do transmit some diseases, they are an important part to the ecosystem. Eliminating something can have dire consequences that we do not see right now but they would show up in the future and we would not be able to reverse it.

  • No It Wouldn't

    Of all of the problems in the world, they are definitely not all caused by mosquitoes. I agree that mosquitoes are troublesome and they are even dangerous if they are carrying viruses. Eradicating them would make a lot of lives better, not just humans, but animals as well. However, the imacts of doing this may not yield likeable results.

  • No, it would not

    The eradication of mosquitoes would solve a lot of health related issues, particularly in poorer countries without access to the right medications and vaccines, but eradicating them would not come close to solving all of our problems. It is simply a very large step in the right direction in my opinion.

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