Would the Euro currency be strengthened (yes) or weakened (no) if Great Britain were to adopt it?

  • It would get stronger.

    The Euro currency be strengthened if Great Britain were to adopt it not be weakened. Great Britain is one of the stronger countries and them adopting the Euro would add a lot of power behind the Euro. This would only result in one thing happening, which would be the Euro getting stronger.

  • Yes, the Euro currency would be strenghtened.

    Great Britain is one of the most powerful economies in the world. If it were to adopt the Euro currency, it would definitely help to strengthen it since a lot of European countries do business with Great Britain. However, it would benefit the Euro currency more than it would Great Britain.

  • I Believe that Euro Currency Would Be Strengthened If Great Britain Adopted it.

    Great Britain is the most economically stable in Europe. The entry of Great Britain into the Eurozone could make for more trade with other Eurozone countries. Which would help the economy. Britain stock market may become more stabilized. The currency exchange would become much more simple for tourists, which would help the tourist trade. I think that the entry of Great Britain in the Eurozone is only a matter of time. It would make for a more simple and more cost efficient currency across the Eurozone.

  • It would be strengthened.

    If Britain were to adopt the Euro currency it would be strengthened just by the fact that the pound, a more powerful currency, was already in place. Also, Britain is a big alley of the United States and one of the most powerful economies in Europe and the world. It would give more credit to the euro

  • Strengthen it up

    I think that the Great Britian is the most powerful nation in Europe, if they adopted the Euro it would be a huge step for them, and it would make the Euro very strong. Right now, the pound is very strong, just because it is what Great Britian uses now.

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