• It could happen today.

    The horrors of the Holodomor cannibalism could happen even today. When people are starved because of war or oppression, anything is possible. It is not uncommon in extreme circumstances for people to resort to eating other human beings. People aren't proud of this behavior, but it is a survival tactic.

  • History repeats itself.

    Yes, the horrors of the Holodomor cannibalism could and would happen today, because we have not learned from the mistakes of that Holocaust. When things go wrong, people always look for someone to blame, or someone to punish. Even Obama has already said that old people should be given pills, rather than have their lives extended.

  • Civilization is a thin line

    Most cities only have what, a day or two of food supplies if the transport network were to go down? Any large scale disruption that interrupted food supplies could turn catastrophic inside a week, in some places i'm not even sure they'd wait until they got all the hungry before they began eating each other.

  • Only in Extreme Circumstances

    The horrors of the Holomodor cannibalism in the early 1930s in the Ukraine will not happen on the same scale today. It may happen in the future, but only in extreme cases and only if contemporary society collapses to the point of a lack of food for everyone. If anything, cannibalism my happen again in Africa or Asia since huge populations may over-burden food distribution systems already in place on those continents.

  • The horrors of the Holodomor cannibalism would not happen today.

    The horrors of the Holodomor cannibalism would not happen today. Many people during the time died of hunger. People were so hungry that they had to result to cannibalism as a solution to some of the hunger. I think that the food supply is enough in the country to be able to prevent this from happening.

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