Would the legalization of adult incest increase its rate of occurrence?

  • yes by legallizing incest will increese the incidents

    If poligamy was to be ligalized i think alot of men would
    prefer to have a young by their side and the old lady will be left at home.This implies that a lot men and women
    would profer their daughter,brothers and sisters at home
    instead of going out to spend money on somebody son
    or daughter.

  • Legalization of adult incest would increase the incidence of incest by reducing the stigma of incest and prevent women from escaping non-consensual relationships.

    Authorities would be less able to intervene to help incest victims. The stigma of incest would be lessened if it was legal. Incestuous people would be free members of society.

    Posted by: EmmeAnguris
  • Probably Just A Little Bit

    Generally, people feel a natural aversion to sex or romance with close family members. But there are probably people out there who fall in love with their brother or sister or cousin or parents or adult children, etc... but turn away from them because 1. sex with them is illegal and/or 2. They can never be open about their relationship.
    But it should still be legal. Adult incest is a victimless crime. The arguments against it are rather poor. There is an increased rate of recessive genetic illness because relatives tend to have similar genetics but it's not a 100% chance of an illness. Yet in cases where two people have the exact same recessive genetic illness not only can they have sex they can get married and have children even though those children have a 100% chance of inheriting the illness. Banning adult incest but allowing that is hypocritical, and the more taboo nature of incest means it's more likely the couple would avoid biological reproduction in the first place.
    The other argument is that there is usually a power difference. Typically this also exists if one partner particularly the wife stays home. Should housewives be illegal? What about BDSM?, that tends to involve a huge difference in power. Adults can choose for themselves whether or not they enjoy the consentual relationships they are in. If you decide there is a power imbalance but you're OK with it as long as there is no domestic abuse just one partner tends to make most of the decisions that's a lifestyle choice and that's fine. If you're not OK with it, you are free to divorce. The only people we're 'protecting' this way are people who might suddenly realize over a long period of time that they aren't OK with it and deep down never were. But people make mistakes like that all the time. That's life. Emotional management is personal responsibility, not government responsibility.

  • Legalization of anything morally wrong usually leads to an epidemic of it.

    Look at gay marriage rights. Gay people have never been so high. Look at minority "rights", and how they are abused. Look at legal marijuana and its abuse. Every case of the speed limit getting lifted higher gets slapped in the face when people drive even faster over the new limit, going over the limit again. Give them an inch, and people will take a mile.

    Posted by: OvalKurtis26
  • If society condones a wicked thing, that thing is likely to be viewed as more commonplace.

    Some laws that society has are like taking a stance. They set standards for what is right and what is wrong. Incest is looked upon as a wicked thing. If it were no longer illegal, over time, this may change slightly. An increase in activity would not happen overnight, but as time goes on, it would likely become more commonplace.

    Posted by: DizzyCasey
  • Yes, because there are a lot of sick ignorant people in this country.

    There are a lot of uneducated, sick, poor, immoral, and ignorant people in this country. This topic is generally sick in nature to start with. I do believe that there are people in this country who would prey on people who are not in their right mind, who may suffer from some sort of mental incapacity, and would be taken advantage of, if the laws were changed that protect these family members now. And, in my opinion, this question is immoral to start with.

    Posted by: SlipArnal
  • Yes, the legalization of adult incest would make it more common because it would remove one of the major deterrents to such relationships.

    Making adult incest legal would remove one of the only methods of punishment the government has to stop the act of incest. The social stigma against incest would remain, but it would not have the same effect as the act being illegal. The increase in cases of incest would not be huge, though, because most people willing to practice incest do it in secret and care little for the laws about it.

    Posted by: H_Baird
  • They do it because its legal?

    Those that practice incest are doing it in secret regardless of what the law says. In fact incest is legal in New Jersey and Ohio (non parental incest only) but there has been no sudden spike in reports of incestuous couples or inbreed children with 4 hands and 5 feet (Ok that was a little ridiculous but you get the idea.)

  • Legalization would remove the taboo

    People that practice incest either do so because they love each other or they do so because of the taboo nature of it. By removing anti-incest laws and allowing people to be open about their thoughts on incest it would remove the taboo and in doing so remove one of the two reasons people engage in incest. Legalization would reduce incest if anything while allowing the public to see just how many people do commit incestuous acts. The numbers being surprisingly high but how high is unknown because of the laws and public opinion keeping people from coming forward.

  • You can't legislate morality.

    People will do what they want to. Those who wish to engage in this sort of activity
    already are doing it. Most of us don't want to do this, and we won't suddenly get the
    desire if it is made legal. It takes two to tango in this sort of activity.

  • No to abuse yes to loving relationships.

    The death sentence has never reduced instances of murder in any society,nor has the abolishion of the death penalty increased murders. Laws have ways been about punishing those who do not conform to accepted behavior. The long struggle the gay and lesbian community have had ,to become partly accepted in many cultures , demonstrates the point.

  • I don't believe the legalization of incest would raise its occurrence, since it is already an established taboo in society.

    Incest has been a taboo in civilized societies since time immemorial. I'm not sure what the legalization of it would be hoping to accomplish, but, I don't believe that it would lead to an increase in the incidence of incest. It is already a strongly-ingrained taboo and, as such, would probably remain rare.

    Posted by: BrownDustin82
  • I think most people disprove of it, legalizing it would not change peoples point of views.

    Just because it is legalized will not encourage people to try do it. I think most people have strong feelings regarding the subject that won't change because it is legalized.

    Posted by: AverageHoward86
  • Legalizing incest would not increase its rate of occurrence, because I think most people are disgusted by the idea of it either way.

    Incest of any kind has always been a frowned-upon behavior. Whether or not incest is legal, it will have little effect on its rate of occurrence. People are well aware of the dangers of incest, and I would think most of the population is disgusted by the idea. There is probably no need to consider the legal implications of incest, as people would not favor it under any condition.

    Posted by: TedieDelight
  • No, it won't increase it, because if people want to do it, then they'll do it anyway.

    Just because something is illegal, it doesn't mean people will not do it. I have heard of people going to different states where they don't do blood tests before marriage and getting married to their cousin. If two people want to be together, then they will, no matter if the government or society looks down on them.

    Posted by: deceitfulx
  • Legalization of adult incest would not increase its rate of occurrence since the law is not an effective deterrent for these relationships.

    In order to show this link between the legalization and increased rate of occurrence, researchers would need to prove that adult incestuous relationships were deterred because of the risk of prosecution under law. I believe that this would be very difficult to prove.

    Posted by: taichoo
  • The legalization of adult incest would not increase the rate of its occurrence, because people do it anyway.

    Legalizing something like adult incest would have almost no affect on society. It's about as silly as legalizing sodomy in some countries and states. It's a largely unenforced law. To prove my point, legalizing marijuana would most likely not increase its use, as mostly everyone who uses it does so anyway.

    Posted by: RayEar

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