Would the modern incarnations of Sherlock Holmes gain from adhering more strictly to the classic Sherlock Holmes tales?

  • Yes, the new versions are gimmicky

    The original Sherlock stories were strictly constructed brainteasers.
    They had social commentary as well, and the characters could be exotic and
    interesting, but the central element was the mystery. Modern versions of
    Sherlock feature strange romances, a female Watson, or a Watson with post
    traumatic stress disorder. These silly gimmicks distract from the essential
    element, the puzzle.

  • No, they had their time and place

    I think we would view them as too boring now, I know I do. The past is the past, let us move on and change them to our liking. The stories are great,but the variation is much better. You have to change them with pop culture, so he can evolve with us.

  • We Live in Modern Times

    Modern incarnations of Sherlock Holmes have modern and anachronistic twists, which is good for the detective. Today's Holmes as portrayed by Robert Downey Jr and Benedict Cumberbatch are fantastic. Modern moviemaking means they can update the characters and plots with special effects. Classic tales have language and concepts that today's society wouldn't grasp, so adhering more strictly to classic tales would doom modern plotlines.

  • It's Been Done To Death

    I do not believe the modern incarnations of Sherlock Holmes would fain from adhering to the classic Sherlock Holmes tales. In my opinion this character has been done to death. I couldn't care less if this subject was never touched again and I certainly don't want to see another re-do.

  • The Modern Sherlock Holmes should not adhere to the classic

    It is my opinion that the more modern incarnations of Sherlock Holmes would not benefit from adhering more strictly to the classic version of the tales. I feel that the modern versions are providing a refreshing take on an old tale, and this serves create more interest in actual story of Sherlock Holmes as well.

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