• NAACP be more legitimate

    I personally think that the NAACP be more legitimate and effective has served all ties with Rev. Jesse Jackson because of what he is known for. I personally think that NAACP should be more legitimate because of the cause it has on people and having Rev. Jesse Jackson would be a great spokesperson.

  • More Than Likely

    For many people, Rev. Jesse Jackson has become somewhat of an extremist. He's too quick to cry foul in most situations. Therefore, I think the NAACP would be more legitimate and effective if it severed all ties with him. I think they need to find some representatives that display their beliefs, but in a mild manner way.

  • Yes, the NAACp stopped following Dr. King teachings long ago

    Dr.King dreamt of a day where little girls and boys wouldn't be judged by the color of their skin. Yet what is the first thing the NAACP pushes for? Skin only goes a fraction of a inch into your body and yet the culture the NAACP pushes today puts skin color above all else. When the black panthers put a bounty or threaten someone, the NAACP stays quiet. When the LA Rodney riots broke out, NAACP didn't do anything. Thousands of children are killed every year by African Americans, and the biggest death toll is actually on the American community with AFrican ancestry. The NAACP has stopped pushing for equality, what Detroit is today is the crowning achievement of the NAACP. Anything even remotely efficient is considered "selling out" or "wanabes". Drop out rates through the roof, parentless kids increasing and still the culture governing them pushes them tof ollow the NAACP blindly and to wait for a miracle to happen.

    The NAACP has done its work, and Detroit, Chicago is the result. Is not the 60's anymore, today the country is not the one with the problem, is the NAACP and the culture they represent; at every turn it guilt trips anyone who might say something against them.

    My ancestors were systematically eradicated the likes of which only the jews can relate, but I don't guilt trip Spaniards into silence when they criticize modern Colombian culture. The first step to solving a problem is accepting you have one, and again is not the 60's, or the 70's or 80's; while today there are still some bigots to be found they are few in number. The country is no longer the one with a problem, is the NAACp and the culture they represent which do not want to let the past rest and let wounds heal, because otherwise the NAACP would have to explain how come after decades it has actually gotten worse for Americans with African background even though the country has moved on when it comes to racial issues.

    Time moves on, staying in the past because you don't want to explain why you are failing in the present will leave you completely unprepared for the future. Technology doesn't wait and the NAACP is being left behind.

    Jesse Jackson is just one guy who represents nothing of what the NAACP was meant to accomplish. And it will only get worse for him and the special interest group.

    Posted by: N711
  • It is legit

    The NAACP is already legit, even with the Rev. Jesse Jackson being affiliated with them, so there's really nothing to be gained from them cutting ties. Jesse Jackson is a controversial figure, but not controversial enough to in any serious way cause the NAACP to seriously lose credibility in the US.

  • Jesse Jackson Has Effective Leadership

    The Rev. Jesse Jackson is an effective leader despite his age. The NAACP would be more legitimate with younger leaders at the helm so as to get younger members on board. However, Jackson is still a polarizing figure in the African American community. There is no reason to to let go of someone just because he's old.

  • Rev. Jesse Jackson is a stone in the foundation of the NAACP

    The NAACP is almost synonymous with the Reverend Jesse Jackson. You cannot refer to one without involving the other in the same conversation. Whatever one may be involved with, the other has surely played a major partnering role. Has the Reverend committed the NAACP down paths that perhaps it should not have followed? Undoubtedly that is true. However, that is part of being a leader. Understanding when you have made a mistake, and correcting your course in the future. Like most politicians, as long as he does not rape, murder, or embezzle too much money, he should be just fine as their front man. Besides, it is convenient to have such an arrogant scapegoat handy.

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