Would the NFL broadcast networks benefit from firing and blackballing Cris Collinsworth and hiring Tim Tebow in his place?

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  • Not at all

    No, they would not get any thing good out of doing this at all. This man is a really good person to have on this show, and he has played the game of football a whole lot longer that Tim has, so he knows more about the game than him.

  • No, the NFL networks would not benefit from blackballing Cris Collinsworth and replacing him with Tim Tebow.

    Even though Tim Tebow may be a good personality for broadcasting, Cris still does a better job doing commentating for football games. I think that it would be a mistake to replace him with somebody like Tim Tebow who does not seem to have as much knowledge about the NFL as Cris.

  • No, Collingworth shouldn't be fired.

    I don't see why Mr. Collinsworth should be fired. He has done a fine job as a broadcaster and has done nothing scandalous to warrant blackballing. But I do think Tebow would be a great hire because he is telegenic and has many fans due to his social and religious activism.

  • Tebow seen as a joke

    I do not think that the NFL network would benefit from replacing Cris Collinsworth with Tim Tebow. To die hard football fans, Tim Tebow is seen as someone who is not very good at the sport and is kind of just a media darling who real fans do not really enjoy.

  • No It Wouldn't

    I do not believe the NFL broadcast networks would benefit form firing and blackballing Cris Collinsworth and replacing him with Tim Tebow. I believe this would leave a bad mark in the history of the programming and some would more than likely favor Collinsworth over Tebow. I don't think it's right to fire someone simply because some people favor someone else for the position.

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