• Yes, the pros of the fair tax are worth it.

    I definitely think that the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to the fair tax. I think that it would benefit a lot of people a lot more if people supported the fair tax. It is something that should be helpful to the general public as well as the consumer. I also think that it would help the economy.

  • It is easier.

    Yes, the pros of implementing the fair tax outweigh the cons, because it would be a much simpler tax system. Doing taxes every year at tax time scares us. With a consumption tax, there is less to think about. Also, the people who consume more because they have more money would pay more in taxes.

  • It would hurt the poor too much

    The fair tax would hurt the poor way too much for the pros to make up for it. While it seems like a good idea on paper to tax everyone the same percentage, it really is not. Necessities like rent and groceries take up a larger percentage of a poor person's income than a rich one, so it would hit them really hard while letting rich people keep more of their money than ever.

  • The fair tax can't supply the same level of revenue without raising taxes.

    The fair tax -- being basically a flat tax -- can't bring in the same level of revenues as progressive taxation without raising taxes. This would mean a tax hike for most earners, since the most taxpayers fall beneath the median income. In effect, the fair tax would be unfair in that it would raise taxes on those who can least afford it to give tax breaks to those few who need them least.

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