• The root of all.

    Yes, the return of Latin as a spoken language would benefit education, because it is the root of so many other languages. A child who learns Latin can learn English, French, or Spanish quite easily. Latin would make it easier to communicate with each other, because there are so many base words that apply.

  • We don't really know how Latin was spoken

    Last I checked, there weren't any tape recordings from ancient Rome that can let us know how Latin was spoken. Yes, we have the language as it was passed down by the Catholic Church, but that is kind of like claiming the language used in American churches is the same language used on American streets.

    We have excellent records of written Latin, but it's not the same. Any spoken version of Latin we came up with would not be an authentic version of the Latin used during the Roman empire. Then, when you add in the effort it would take to convince kids to speak a dead language, and it just wouldn't be any benefit.

  • No, Latin's return would not be beneficial.

    I do not think that the return of Latin would be beneficial for education.I think that not enough people will care about it to use it as an everyday form of communication. I think that some people should learn it in school though. But it should remain only in the academic forums.

  • No It Wouldn't

    I do not feel that the return of Latin, as a spoken language, would benefit education. Latin is difficult to learn and has not real use in today's society. I fail to see how this could possibly benefit education. Education would more than likely be benefited from a deduction in the number of languages.

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