• Yes, the revolution is why Lenin came back.

    In reality the revolution began while Lenin was still cooling his heels in Switzerland, and it was because of that revolution(when the Tzar was forced to abdicate) that Lenin even returned to Russia. There was a further revolution later in which he was instrumental, in which the Bolsheviks seized power from the provisional government. If Lenin had not returned to Russia, I do not think that second, Bolshevik revolution would happened. Now what would have happened would have depended a lot on if the people in the provisional government could hold things together long enough to draft and adopt a constitution and create a republic, which was their goal. Could have created an entirely different dynamic in that area of the world.

  • But maybe not the October Revolution

    The February Revolution brought down the Tsar and then a government planning democratic elections, much like a regular European parliamentary democracy took power. And then in October (November according to the Gregorian calendar) the Bolsheviks overthrew that government.

    So either way Russia would've had a revolution but without Lenin maybe not the October revolution. If Russia only had the February Revolution things may have turned out a lot better.

  • The Russian Revolution was inevitable.

    Lenin is blamed for the Russian Revolution due to his heavy handed leadership style. The position demanded this heavy handedness. Keeping a communist effort maintained is no easy feat. You must still deal with greed and envy, regardless of what they claim. I think that if someone other than Lenin had taken his place, the Revolution was still going to happen. The situation demanded it, not the dictator.

  • Yes, it was coming anyway.

    I think it would have happened either way. The country was having issues and someone was just there to help them happen. The people need change and when a person advocates for it, they will follow him at all costs. The revolution is just something that people need when they feel pressured.

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  • Not Only Lenin, But $10MM!

    The Germans sent the perfect weapon to destroy their enemies, Lenin, plus the money for the guns of revolution. Without Lenin to organize and lead, and the funding to operate. Certainly the revolution wouldn't have happened with the same timing, maybe not at all... Words without money are less effective.

  • The Russian Revolution would not have begun if Vladimir Lenin had not been in Russia.

    The Russian Revolution would not have begun if Vladimir Lenin had not been in Russia. Vladimir Lenin assumed the senior role in orchestrating the October Revolution in 1917 in which the provisional government (that was put in place after the February Revolution which removed the Tsars from power) was removed and the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic was established.

  • He was a cult of personality.

    No, the Russian Revolution would not have begun in Vladimir Lenin had not been in Russia, because Lenin was the mastermind. Just as World War II would have never happened without Hitler, the Russian Revolution would have never happened without Lenin. He had a master personality and a master plan to go with it.

  • No, the Russian Revolution wouldn't have happened without Lenin in Russia.

    I believe that the Russian Revolution would not have happend had Vladimir Lenin had not been in Russia. It is clear that the Russian Revolution occurred due to Vladimir Lennin being in Russia. His ideals and influences were the reason why the people of Russia decided to revolt against the government.

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